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Lange, Steve <br /> From: Lange, Steve <br /> Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 10:38 AM <br /> To: Lunsford, Jonn <br /> Cc: Measamer, Don <br /> Subject: RE: Copper Pond Swale - South Boundary <br /> Don and Jonn, <br /> There is a note about the installation of a fence. Not sure one was ever installed. It is on a separate parcel from the <br /> adjacent properties. I believe a split rail fence with NGPE signage would be advantageous <br /> Make great Community Service work.Just saying. I have a post hole digger. <br /> Steve <br /> From: Lunsford,Jonn <> <br /> Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 8:31 AM <br /> To: Lange, Steve<> <br /> Cc: Measamer, Don<> <br /> Subject: RE: Copper Pond Swale -South Boundary <br /> Hi Steve, <br /> My involvement in the area over the years has been working with Don to try to educate the residents to understand that <br /> it is a buffer. I would see a problem on a site visit with the HOA rep and then Don and I would discuss a solution with the <br /> HOA. When a resident moved out, a new resident might not know of the NGPE and mow it down. This is an occasional <br /> problem not only at Copper Pond but in NGPE's around the city. I may have more correspondence on the site if that <br /> would help. Let me know. Thanks. <br /> Jonn <br /> ]onn Lunsford <br /> Anacortes Parks and Recreation <br /> 360-299-1953 <br /> This communication is a public record and may be subject to disclosure <br /> as per the Washington State Public Records Act,RCW 42.56. <br /> From: Lange, Steve<> <br /> Sent: Monday, May 18, 2020 11:20 AM <br /> To: Measamer, Don<>; Lunsford,Jonn <> <br /> Cc: Lunsford,Jonn <>;Johnston, Nicole<>; Shjarback, Eric <br /> <>;Andersen, Sandi <>; Symonds,Justin <br /> <>; Larson, Bill <> <br /> Subject: Copper Pond Swale-South Boundary <br /> Don and Jonn, <br /> 1 <br />