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Pacific Crest <br /> Inspections <br /> Craw!space inspection Report <br /> For <br /> 3827 Copper Pond <br /> Anacortes, Washington 98221 <br /> Date: February 10,2020 <br /> Weather:Clear/Calm/soil was saturated <br /> Dear Mrs. Howard, <br /> As we discussed I found water throughout your crawlspace. Most of the water appears to be coming in <br /> under the foundation. I suspect that the swale behind your home is contributing to this issue. Given the <br /> topography of the area,this swale should be promoting drainage to the west. It appears that blackberry <br /> bushes have been allowed to grow in the swale blocking the flow of drainage.You may want to discuss <br /> this with the HOA and come up with a plan to clean up the swale and restore the natural drainage. <br /> As far as the crawlspace I would recommend you consult with a drainage contractor to install a drain <br /> system with a sump pump.When the vapor barrier is installed, I recommend running it up the walls and <br /> attaching it. Where the vapor barrier overlaps, I recommend sealing the seams with high quality tape. <br /> As for a contractor I would recommend Wildwood Construction.John Stevens is the owner and can be <br /> reached at 360-299-3660. He has worked in the area for many years and has a good reputation. Please tell <br /> him we recommended him. <br /> ir —irk <br /> di <br /> iiir <br /> .41 <br /> 410 <br /> 5116 Heather Drive—Anacortes,WA—98221 <br /> 360-588-6956 office—360.588.6965 fax <br />