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Lange, Steve <br /> From: Lange, Steve <br /> Sent: Monday, May 18, 2020 11:20 AM <br /> To: Measamer, Don; Lunsford,Jonn <br /> Cc: Lunsford, Jonn;Johnston, Nicole; Shjarback, Eric; Andersen, Sandi; Symonds,Justin; <br /> Larson, Bill <br /> Subject: Copper Pond Swale - South Boundary <br /> Attachments: 20200505_090644.jpg; Crawlspace Inspection Report for 1827 Copper Pond.pdf <br /> Don and Jonn, <br /> Now that Strandberg has submitted for the 18 unit Cottage subdivision, we are beginning to receive drainage complaints <br /> from adjacent properties along the shared boundary.The complaint is the lack of maintenance of the swale and all of <br /> the brush. Of course, the water in the swale is the cause of water in the foundation. <br /> I inspected the access to the foundation and did not find any water under the house, yet the swale bottom was <br /> saturated.After further conversation,the owners of 3827 Copper Pond Place did not know there was a 30-foot NGPE <br /> easement and the area was to be left in a native state. It is understood that the previous owner of 3827 filled in the <br /> swale so they could plant grass and maintain as part of their yard. <br /> Additionally,there is a note in Cartegraph that there is grass clippings being dumped in this swale as well. <br /> This swale is part of a 30-foot wide Native Growth Protection Easement. It appears that there is ongoing encroachment <br /> into the easement with an attempt by City crews to clean the sediment from the swale. <br /> There have been 3 inspection by City Staff on this swale over the years and it has been determined to be in Average to <br /> Good condition. My inspection of the swale would be in agreement with the previous inspections. <br /> In an effort to not disturb additional area of the easement, how do you propose Public Works maintains the swale when <br /> necessary?This will be a topic of discuss at the Public Hearing. <br /> Thanks, <br /> Steven Lange <br /> Project Manager\Engineering Tech IV <br /> 1 <br />