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do-OSb--0eI <br /> FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW <br /> AND DECISION THEREON <br /> ON THE BRAD AND GABRIELLE STAVIG 2-LOT SHORT PLAT <br /> (3312 "K" AVENUE -Stavig Family Shire) <br /> • <br /> GZT Y Off. <br /> 9 <br /> mo` <br /> ram^WS <br /> Short Plat No. ANA 05-009 <br /> Planning Director's Tentative Approval <br /> FINDINGS OF FACT <br /> 1.0 General Background. <br /> 1.1 The City of Anacortes Planning Director has been designated by City Council action of <br /> November 17, 1986 as "Administrative Official" for the City Subdivision Ordinance. <br /> 1.2 Under the City Subdivision Ordinance the Administrative Official has "the authority to <br /> approve or disapprove proposed short subdivisions". State law grants the <br /> Administrative Official authority to deny a Short Plat of 4 lots or less only if specific City <br /> standards are not met, e.g., lot size, dimension, road frontage. Short Plats of 5-9 lots <br /> and Short Plats of 2-4 lots with wetlands involve the exercise of more discretion in that a <br /> State Environmental Policy Act review is mandated. <br /> City of Anacortes Municipal Code Section 16.08.020 <br /> 1.3 The 2-lot short plat application together with the application fee was submitted to the <br /> Administrator on February 13, 2006. <br /> 1.4 Owner of Record: Bradford Charles and Gabrielle Glim Stavig <br /> 3312 "K" Avenue <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 (360) 293-5371 <br /> 1.5 Applicant: Same <br /> 1.6 As required by the City Subdivision Ordinance each short plat application contained: <br /> (A) An accurately scaled (at one inch equal 100 feet) and dimensioned map legibly <br /> drawn in permanent black ink or approved equivalent on 18 inch by 24 inch <br /> tracing cloth, stable base mylar polyester film or equivalent approved material <br /> showing the following: <br /> 1. The name or number of the proposed short plat, and County Assessor's <br /> parcel numbers. <br />