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Tuesday,May 29, 2007 <br /> Dear Ms. Janke, Mr.Measamer and Mr. Buckenmeyer, <br /> I recently had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Measamer and discuss with him the city's <br /> most recent proposal in regards to Sidewalks Anacortes Municipal code Section <br /> 16.08.060 and how it would affect our property. As we are eager to complete this short <br /> plat and sell this property,we would like to accept the solution proposed by the city as an <br /> alternative solution offered in the Memorandum dated 8/14/06. The DRG proposed that <br /> the sidewalk on 34th Street could be extended from"K"Avenue on 34th Street to connect <br /> to the existing sidewalk to the west. In addition,we would like to bond these <br /> improvements to the issuance of a building permit for the property(I hope I,stated this <br /> properly). This was suggested by Mr. Measamer and fits our needs at this time. <br /> Please contact me if there are any questions in regards to our acceptance of/this proposal. <br /> We need to expedite the approval and completion of this short plat. <br /> Thank you for all of your help and patience in this matter. j <br /> Y> <br /> Res ectfull 4 <br /> p <br /> Ji li, . r-r--'::t'-- , i <br /> •. i <br /> Gabrielle Stavig ,, <br /> ai9 3 - �"3 7 .,n_.-�-�- f,' <br /> yip - -7365 <br /> • <br /> i <br /> . -------,\ . <br /> '/ <br />