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• <br /> • L'Og <br /> FINDINGS OF FACT AND CO NCl ON THEREON <br /> THE 2004 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH EXPANSION PROJECT <br /> CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT <br /> Planning Director's Draft <br /> FINDINGS OF FACT <br /> 1.0 General Background <br /> 1.1 The City of Anacortes Municipal Code specifies that Churches are a conditional use in the R 3 <br /> Zone. Anacortes Municipal Code Section 17.34.040 (A). <br /> 1.2 On June 9, 2004, the First Baptist Church applied for a Conditional Use Permit to expand the <br /> existing church complex by adding a 10,170 square foot fellowship hall and associated <br /> amenities. The proposal includes 16 additional parking spaces. The facility is located at 2717 <br /> J Avenue, Anacortes, Washington, Skagit County. The application is Exhibit 1. <br /> 1.3 The project site is in an area designated in the City of Anacortes Comprehensive Land Use <br /> Plan as R 3. <br /> 1.4 The project site is in an area designated in the City of Anacortes Zoning Ordinance as R 3. <br /> 2.0 Description of Facility <br /> 2.1 The site plan drawing is attached hereto in Attachment A to Exhibit 1 and the vicinity maps <br /> are Attachment B to Exhibit 1. <br /> 2.2 The surrounding zoning is R 3 on all sides. <br /> 2.3 A neighborhood church has existed at this location since 1966 prior to the current <br /> systematized zoning regulations. There is no "conditional or "special" use permit on file; the <br /> church is, therefore, a "grandfathered" use. <br /> 2.4 July 17, 2000 the Anacortes City Council approved a Conditional Use Permit for the First <br /> Baptist Church expansion project to increase the sanctuary space. (On August 3, 2000 the <br /> Board of Adjustment approved a Variance to increase the Church roof height.) <br /> 2.5 In considering the current church expansion project the Administrator determined that as the <br /> proposal increases the land area or land covered by buildings by more than 10%, a <br /> conditional use permit/public review is required. <br /> 40.00-Wei Munk pat C 4:000-t of '.7,4 ° -00`F <br />