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Related Permits <br /> Previously approved permits related to this primary permit <br /> Permit Description <br /> PRE-2021-0047 Construct a site segregation curb between the POA Pier 2 and Dakota Creek <br /> Industries Shipyard.The curb will segregate the two permitted industrial sites and <br /> prevent stormwater run-on and run-off entering and comingling.The curb will be 2- <br /> feet tall by 387-feet long non-structural concrete curb inside of the chain link fence. <br /> Reviewer Selection <br /> Comment Period(CD from NOA)* Comment Period End Date* Applicant Comment Response Due <br /> 30 3/11/2022 3/18/2022 <br /> Departmental Review Required by* <br /> Please check all City departments that must review this application.Other members of the DRG list will be notified of the <br /> application and will receive a link to view the application packet but the review process will not wait for their feedback. <br /> 111 Building Engineering Fiber <br /> ❑ Fire ❑ Legal Museum <br /> ffil Operations ❑ Parks Police <br /> ❑ Sanitation ❑ Streets Water Distribution <br /> Q WWTP ❑ N/A <br /> Outside Review <br /> Select which outside agencies and utilities you would like to invite to comment on the application. <br /> Type* Agency* Email* <br /> Federal US Army Corps of Engineers Ronald.J.Wilcox@usace. <br /> <br /> State Department of Archaeology&Historic <br /> Preservation(DAHP) <br /> State Department of Ecology(DOE)-Shorelines <br /> State Department of Fish and Wildlife(WDFW)- Robert.Warinner@dfw.wa <br /> Area habitat biologist(marine) .gov <br /> State Department of Natural Resources(DNR)- Ross.Zimmerman@dnr.w <br /> Aquatics Land Management <br /> State Department of Natural Resources(DNR)- <br /> SEPA Center <br /> Tribes Samish Indian Nation-Planning twoodard@samishtribe.n <br /> <br /> Tribes Sauk-Suiattle Tribe <br /> Tribes Skagit System Cooperative <br /> Tribes Skagit System Cooperative-Environmental nkammer@skagitcoop.or <br /> Protection Ecologist g <br /> Tribes Stillaguamish-Historic Preservation <br /> m <br /> Tribes Swinomish Tribe-Planning&Transit permits@swinomish.nsn. <br /> us <br />