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CREST, INCORPORATED Tel(360)424-8700 <br /> P.O. Box 2150 (800)48CREST <br /> 17132 Bennett Road Fax(360)424-1116 <br /> Mount Vernon, WA 98273 <br /> City of Anacortes Public Works/Engineering Department <br /> 904 6th Street <br /> P.O. Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Subject: Deviation Request for Island Hospital Sleep Clinic Project at 22nd & N <br /> We are currently nearing completion of design for the subject facility and have <br /> encountered an engineering design situation that does not seem to have a good solution <br /> that meets all of Anacortes usual requirements. <br /> There is an alley on the east side of the subject property, which the city would like paved <br /> along the frontage of the project property. The alley slopes down to the north and is <br /> approximately 1.5' lower at the north property line, than the street gutter elevation where <br /> the alley connects to 22nd. Therefore surface drainage will not work. <br /> There is a storm catch basin on the north side of 22nd a half block east of the property, but <br /> a line from this project to that catch basin would have a slope of 0.3%. This is flatter than <br /> most jurisdictions will allow. <br /> There is a storm line across 22nd on the south side of the street. There is also an 8"AC <br /> water line very near and above the storm line. Given the fragile nature of many of these <br /> AC lines we would like to avoid opening an excavation with this line running through it in <br /> some temporarily supported fashion. The depth of the storm line dictates a need to shore <br /> the excavation, adding another complication to the scenario involving the AC water line. <br /> In deep excavations two blocks south of this location we have encountered large volumes <br /> of ground water. This is also a concern. <br /> We ask that the alley remain unpaved and that we add some depth of crushed rock to <br /> facilitate dispersion of runoff into the ground just as it presently occurs. There are no <br /> current signs of either water accumulation or erosion. There is currently a clay tile <br /> sanitary sewer in this alley, which presumably will be upgraded at some future date. <br /> There are seven parking spaces planned next to the alley for this project. As those <br /> spaces follow the grade of the alley, their runoff would find it's way into the crushed rock <br /> as well. <br /> Page 1 of 2 <br /> 01-07-08 Deviation Request <br />