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Version Date: November 29, 2021 Previous Version Date: October 7, 2019 <br />Project Description and Summary: <br />Summary Table <br />Existing Proposed <br />Development Type <br />Number of Lots <br />Lot Acreage in SF <br />Soil Type(s) <br />Site Sediment Transport Score (High\Low) <br />Depth to Ground Water Table (Feet and Inches) <br />(See completed Soils Analysis (Volume 1, Chapter 3.1.1) <br />Infiltration Rate during Rainy Season (Inch\Per Hour) <br />Impervious Surface (on-site) <br />Impervious Surface (off-site) <br />New and Replaced Hard Surface Total (SF) <br />Lot Coverage (Percentage) <br />BMP (Required Minimum Requirement 5) BMP T5.13 Post Construction Soils <br />Water Quality Method (Minimum Requirement 6) <br />Water Quantity Method (Minimum Requirement 7) <br />Existing Site Conditions Summary: <br />(Additionally, provide information on previous permits, if any, like Grade and Fill, Clear and Grade, topography, <br />vegetation, drainage, Critical Areas adjacent to the site and how it may affect this project if soils are disturbed, <br />Soils Type (Included in Soils Analysis Report), Erosion Problem Areas, Construction Phasing\Sequence ) <br />Developed Conditions Summary: <br />(Additionally, to be shown on the site plan. Identify cut and fill areas, proposed slopes of all hard <br />surfaces , proposed contours) <br />Drainage Basin (2007 Storm Comp Plan – City website\publicworks\engineering\comprehensive plans): <br />What Drainage Basin are you in? _________ Identify any downstream drainage issues (Storm Comp Plan: <br />_________ If so, describe: <br />Complete the Applicability Requirements – Flow Chart (Figure I-2.4.1 Attached, Figure I-2.4.2 Attached <br />and Figure I-2.5.1 Attached) <br />-Highlight the path and attach