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ALTA COMMITMENT FOR TITLE INSURANCE <br />ISSUED BY <br />STEWART TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY <br />This page is only a part of a 2016 ALTA® Commitment for Title Insurance. This Commitment is not valid without the Notice; the Commitment to <br />Issue Policy; the Commitment Conditions; Schedule A; Schedule B, Part I—Requirements; and Schedule B, Part II—Exceptions; and a counter- <br />signature by the Company or its issuing agent that may be in electronic form. <br />Copyright 2006-2016 American Land Title Association. All rights reserved. <br />The use of this Form (or any derivative thereof) is restricted to ALTA licensees and ALTA members in good standing <br />as of the date of use. All other uses are prohibited. Reprinted under license from the American Land Title Association. <br />File No. 21-12506-KS <br />ALTA Commitment For Title Insurance 8-1-16 (4-2-18) <br />Page 1 of 14 <br />ALTA Commitment Form <br />COMMITMENT FOR TITLE INSURANCE <br />Issued by <br />STEWART TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY <br />NOTICE <br />IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: THIS COMMITMENT IS AN OFFER TO ISSUE ONE OR MORE TITLE INSURANCE POLICIES. <br />ALL CLAIMS OR REMEDIES SOUGHT AGAINST THE COMPANY INVOLVING THE CONTENT OF THIS COMMITMENT OR THE <br />POLICY MUST BE BASED SOLELY IN CONTRACT. <br />THIS COMMITMENT IS NOT AN ABSTRACT OF TITLE, REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF TITLE, LEGAL OPINION, OPINION OF <br />TITLE, OR OTHER REPRESENTATION OF THE STATUS OF TITLE. THE PROCEDURES USED BY THE COMPANY TO DETERMINE <br />INSURABILITY OF THE TITLE, INCLUDING ANY SEARCH AND EXAMINATION, ARE PROPRIETARY TO THE COMPANY, WERE <br />PERFORMED SOLELY FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE COMPANY, AND CREATE NO EXTRACONTRACTUAL LIABILITY TO ANY <br />PERSON, INCLUDING A PROPOSED INSURED. <br />THIS DOCUMENT CONSTITUTES A STATEMENT OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON WHICH A TITLE INSURER IS WILLING TO <br />ISSUE A POLICY OF TITLE INSURANCE IF THE TITLE INSURER ACCEPTS THE PREMIUM FOR THE POLICY. <br />THE COMPANY'S OBLIGATION UNDER THIS COMMITMENT IS TO ISSUE A POLICY TO A PROPOSED INSURED IDENTIFIED IN <br />SCHEDULE A IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS AND PROVISIONS OF THIS COMMITMENT. THE COMPANY HAS NO LIABILITY <br />OR OBLIGATION INVOLVING THE CONTENT OF THIS COMMITMENT TO ANY OTHER PERSON. <br />COMMITMENT TO ISSUE POLICY <br />Subject to the Notice; Schedule B, Part I - Requirements; Schedule B, Part II - Exceptions; and the Commitment Conditions, STEWART <br />TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY, a Texas corporation (the "Company"), commits to issue the Policy according to the terms and provisions <br />of this Commitment. This Commitment is effective as of the Commitment Date shown in Schedule A for each Policy described in Schedule <br />A, only when the Company has entered in Schedule A both the specified dollar amount as the Proposed Policy Amount and the name of <br />the Proposed Insured. <br />If all of the Schedule B, Part I - Requirements have not been met within 180 days after the Commitment Date, this Commitment terminates <br />and the Company's liability and obligation end. <br />Countersigned by: <br />Authorized Countersignature <br />Brandon Hickok <br />Guardian Northwest Title & Escrow <br />1301 Riverside Drive <br />Suite B <br />Mount Vernon, WA 98273 <br />02.17.2022 <br />BLD-2022-0115