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Welded Wire Fabric <br />Water Proof <br />Without <br />Wood <br />Water Closet <br />With <br />Washer <br />Vestibule <br />Vertical <br />Vinyl Composition Tile <br />Varies <br />Unless Noted Otherwise <br />Typical <br />Television <br />Top Of Slab <br />Thick <br />Tongue & Groove <br />Top Of Curb <br />Top of Footing <br />Tread <br />Suspended <br />Storm Sewer <br />Storage <br />Steel <br />Standard <br />Stainless Steel <br />Square <br />Specification <br />Similar <br />Sheathing <br />Square Feet <br />Section <br />Solid Core <br />F.e. <br />Fur. <br />Ft. <br />F.o.s. <br />F.o.c. <br />Fnd. <br />FLR <br />F.f. <br />Fin. <br />FD <br />Ext. <br />Exist <br />. <br />Equip. <br />EQ <br />Elev. <br />Elec. <br />EL <br />Ea. <br />DW <br />Dtl. <br />DS <br />Dn. <br />Df <br />Dbl. <br />D. <br />Cont. <br />Constr. <br />Conc. <br />Col. <br />CMU <br />Clkg. <br />C.j. <br />Cdr. <br />Cab. <br />BWP <br />Btm. <br />B.O. <br />Blk <br />Bld. <br />Alt. <br />A.f.f. <br />Adj. <br />Add. <br />Ac. <br />A.b.Anchor Bolts <br />Acoustical <br />Addition <br />Adjustable / Adjacent <br />Above Finished Floor <br />Alternate <br />Building <br />Block <br />By Owner <br />Bottom <br />Braced Wall Panel <br />Cabinet <br />Cedar <br />Control Joint <br />Caulking <br />Concrete Masonry Unit <br />Column <br />Concrete <br />Construction <br />Continuous <br />Dryer <br />Double <br />Douglas Fir <br />Down <br />Downspout <br />Detail <br />Dishwasher Washer <br />Each <br />Elevation <br />Electrical <br />Elevator <br />Equal <br />Equipment <br />Existing <br />Exterior <br />Floor Drain <br />Finish <br />Finished Floor <br />Floor <br />Foundation <br />Face Of Concrete <br />Face Of Studs <br />Foot Or Feet <br />Furring <br />Fire Extinguisher <br />SC <br />Sect. <br />SF <br />Shtg. <br />Sim. <br />Spec. <br />Sq. <br />SS <br />Std. <br />Stl. <br />Stor. <br />SS <br />Susp. <br />T. <br />TOF <br />TOC <br />T&G <br />Thk. <br />TOS <br />Tv <br />Typ. <br />UNO <br />Var. <br />VCT <br />Vert. <br />Vest. <br />W. <br />W/ <br />WC <br />WD <br />W/O <br />WP <br />WWF <br />This Is A Standard List Of Abbreviations Used By This Office. Items Listed May Or May Not Be Used On This Set Of <br />Drawings. <br />B.U.C.Built Up Column <br />FS Finished Slab <br />C.L. Centerline <br />(e)Existing <br />Top Of WallTOW <br />A <br />B <br />C <br />D <br />E <br />F <br />S <br />T <br />U <br />V <br />W <br />Jst. <br />Jt. <br />Int. <br />Insul. <br />Hr. <br />Horiz. <br />HC <br />HB <br />GWB <br />Gr. <br />Glu-lam <br />Galv. <br />Ga.Gauge <br />Galvanized <br />Glue Laminated <br />Grade <br />Gypsum Wallboard <br />Hose Bib <br />Hollow Core <br />Horizontal <br />Hour <br />Insulation <br />Interior <br />Joint <br />Joist <br />GLB Glue Lam Beam <br />G <br />H <br />I <br />J <br />Hdr.Header <br />Rough Opening <br />Room <br />Required <br />Reference <br />Roof Drain <br />Radius <br />Riser <br />Parallam timber <br />Pair <br />Plywood <br />Plastic Laminate <br />Opening <br />Owner Furnish / <br />Contractor Installed <br />On Center <br />Not To Scale <br />Not In Contract <br />Metal <br />Mirror <br />Minimum <br />Membrane <br />Mechanical <br />Machine Bolt <br />Maximum <br />Material <br />Lav. <br />Kit. Kitchen <br />Lavatory <br />Mat. <br />Max. <br />M.b. <br />Mech. <br />Memb. <br />Min. <br />Mir. <br />Mtl. <br />NIC <br />NTS <br />OC <br />OFCI <br />Opng. <br />P-lam <br />Ply <br />PR <br />PSL <br />R. <br />Rad., R <br />R.d. <br />Ref. <br />Reqd. <br />Rm. <br />RO <br />New(n) <br />K <br />L <br />M <br />N <br />O <br />P <br />R <br />Pressure TreatedPT <br />Oriented Strand BoardOSB <br />lvl Microlam timber <br />lsl Timberstrand timber <br />Abbreviations <br />UNDERWOOD & ASSOCIATES, LLC <br />ARCHITECT / ENGINEERING <br />1005 4TH STREET <br />ANACORTES, WA 98221 <br />CONTACT: MIKE UNDERWOOD, AIA <br />PHONE: 360.588.0471 <br />PacLand <br />CIVIL <br />6814 GREENWOOD AVE, N <br />SEATTLE, WA 98103 <br />CONTACT: BILL FORTUNATO <br />PHONE: 206-522.9510 <br />1. Zoning Category - R4, Medical Overlay <br />19.61.040 (A) Block Standard <br />1. None <br />19.41.040 Permitted Uses <br />1. Duplexes / multi-family residential <br />19.42.030 Minimum Lot Size <br />1. 4,200 per duplex x 4 = 16,800 sf < 20,279 = o.k. <br />19.62.030.C Setbacks <br />1. Street: 10 feet <br />2. Side: 5 feet <br />3. Side upper floor: 7.5 feet <br />4. Rear: 10 feet <br />19.42.100 Maximum Density <br />1. None <br />19.42.110 Maximum Lot Coverage <br />1. 50% <br />19.42.030 Minimum Landscape Area <br />1. 20% <br />19.42.020 Maximum Building Height <br />1. 40 feet plus 10 feet if affordable units included = 50 feet <br />19.62.030 Adjacent Property Adjustment <br />1. none <br />19.62.040B Internal Open Space <br />1. Usable residential open space: <br />A. 100 sf per studio and 1-bedroom unit <br />B. 150 sf per 2 or more-bedroom units <br />2. Available locations: <br />A. Shared open spaces: <br />a. Shared open space must be located in centralized areas that are <br />visible from units within the development. <br />b. Required setback areas must not count as shared open space unless <br />the design of the space meets the standards herein. <br />c. Shared open space must feature no dimension less than 15 feet in <br />order to provide functional leisure or recreational activity (unless noted <br />otherwise herein) <br />d. Shared open space must feature paths or walkable lawns, <br />landscaping, seating, lighting, and play structures, sports courts, or <br />other pedestrian amenities to make the area more functional and <br />enjoyable for a range of users. <br />e. Shared open space must be seperated from ground level windows, <br />streets, service areas and parking lots with landscaping, fencing, and/ <br />or acceptable treatments that enhance safety and privacy for both the <br />shared open space and dwelling units. <br />f. When possible, the space should be oriented to receive sunlight, <br />facing east, west, or preferably south. <br />g. Stairways and service elements located within or on the edge of <br />shared open space must not be included in open space calculations. <br />h. Shared porches may qualify as shared open space, provided they are <br />at least eight feet in depth and 96 square feet in total area. <br />i. The space must be accessible to all residents of the development. <br />19.64.040 Off-street Parking <br />1. 2 bedroom units = 1.4 per unit x 8 units= 11.2 spaces = 12 spaces <br />2. Guest 1 per 8 = 1 space <br />3. Total Parking required: 13 spaces <br />19.64.050 Spaces: <br />1. Size: 9x18 (adjust per angle) <br />2. 33% can be compact spaces 8x15 <br />3. Parking Access: per city engineer approval. <br />19.64.10 Bicycles <br />1. 5 spaces per 10 dwelling units (long term) - use private exterior under stair <br />storage <br />2. 0.5 spaces per 10 dwelling units (short term) - 2 minimum <br />19.61 Block Frontage Designation <br />1. Landscaped <br />19.63.040 Building Design <br />1. Create welcoming entry <br />2. 30 foot maximum horizontal length of wall between articulation <br />3. Articulation features, minimum three: <br />A. Windows or entries <br />B. Weather protection features <br />C. Vertical piers/ columns <br />D. Roofline change <br />E. Building material changes <br />F. Vertical elements - trellis, etc. <br />G. Building modulation of 12" <br />H. Features consistent with surrounding context <br />19.63.050 Building Details <br />1. Roofline <br />A. 5:12 minimum pitch if sloped <br />B. 4 feet in vertical height for modulation. <br />19.63.060 Blank Wall Treatment <br />1. Blank Wall Treatment Standards: Untreated blank walls adjacent to a public <br />street, pedestrian -oriented space, common usable open space, or <br />pedestrian pathway are prohibited. <br />2020 City of Anacortes Building Code Building Information <br />Owner: Irwin Development Group <br />12835 Bel-Red Road #310 <br />Bellevue, WA 98005 <br />Site Address: 1210 & 1212 29th Street <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Parcel #: P31894, P31896 <br />Section, Township, Range: SE 24, 35, 01 <br />Legal: P31894 - (0.2945 ac) TAX 37B: THAT PORTION OF THE SOUTHEAST <br />QUARTER OF THE SOUTHEAST QUARTER OF SECTION 24, TOWNSHIP 35 NORTH, <br />RANGE 1 EAST, W.M., DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING AT A POINT ON THE <br />SOUTH LINE OF SAID SUBDIVISION WHICH IS 492 FEET WEST OF THE SOUTHEAST <br />CORNER OF SAID SECTION; THENCE EAST 49.2 FEET; THENCE NORTH 296 FEET; <br />THENCE WEST 49.2 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 146.63 FEET; THENCE WEST 11.59 <br />FEET; THENCE SOUTH 146.58 FEET; THENCE EAST 11.59 FEET TO THE POINT OF <br />BEGINNING; EXCEPT THAT PORTION THEREOF CONVEYED TO THE CITY OF <br />ANACORTES FOR STREET PURPOSES BY DEED RECORDED MARCH 9, 1959, <br />UNDER AUDITOR’S FILE NO. 577489 AND NO. 577490, RECORDS OF SKAGIT <br />COUNTY, WASHINGTON; ALSO EXCEPT THAT PORTION THEREOF LYING WITHIN <br />THE BOUNDARIES OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED TRACT: BEGINNING AT A <br />POINT WHICH IS 442.8 FEET WEST OF THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SAID <br />SECTION; THENCE NORTH 0-15-16 WEST TO THE CENTER LINE OF 28TH STREET <br />IN ANACORTES, WASHINGTON, IF PRODUCED; THENCE SOUTHERLY TO A POINT <br />ON THE SOUTH LINE OF SAID SUBDIVISION 8 FEET WESTERLY OF THE POINT OF <br />BEGINNING; THENCE EASTERLY ALONG SAID SOUTH LINE TO THE POINT OF <br />BEGINNING. AKA LOT A, BLA-2017-0004, RECORDED UNDER AF#201704110054. <br />P31896 - (0.1713 ac) (TAX 37AA) THAT PORTION OF THE SOUTHEAST 1/4 <br />SOUTHEAST 1/4 OF SECTION 24, TOWNSHIP 35 NORTH, RANGE 1 EAST, W.M., <br />DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING AT A POINT 393.6 FEET WEST OF THE <br />SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SAID SOUTHEAST 1/4 OF THE SOUTHEAST1/4, (OR A <br />POINT 98.4 FEET WEST OF THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF A TRACT OF LAND <br />CONVEYED TO ONE A.H. MOORE;) THENCE WEST 49.2 FEET; THENCE NORTH 296 <br />FEET; THENCE EAST 49.2 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 296 FEET TO THE PLACE OF <br />BEGINNING; EXCEPT THE NORTH 125 FEET THEREOF, AND ALSO EXCEPT THAT <br />PORTION THEREOF CONVEYED TO THE CITY OF ANACORTES, A MUNICIPAL <br />CORPORATION BE DEED DATED AUGUST 4, 1964 AND RECORDED NOVEMBER 8, <br />1965, UNDER AUDITOR'S FILE NO.674254. TOGETHER WITH THAT PORTION <br />THEREOF LYING WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED <br />TRACT: BEGINNING AT A POINT WHICH IS 442.8 FEET WEST OF THE SOUTHEAST <br />CORNER OF SAID SECTION; THENCE NORTH 0-15-10 WEST TO THE CENTER LINE <br />OF 28TH STREET IN ANACORTES, WASHINGTON, IF PRODUCED; THENCE <br />SOUTHERLY TO A POINT ON THE SOUTH LINE OF SAID SUBDIVISION 8 FEET <br />WESTERLY OF THE POINT OF BEGINNING; THENCE EASTERLY ALONG SAID <br />SOUTH LINE TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING; ESCEPT THAT PORTION THEREOF <br />CONVEYED TO THE CITY OF ANACORTES FOR STREET PURPOSES, BY DEED <br />RECORDED MARCH 9, 1959, UNDER AUDITOR'S FILE NO. 577490. SURVEY AF# <br />201704120017 <br />IRC: Occupancy Use: R-2 <br />Construction Type: Type V-B <br />Site Area: 20,279 sf (0.46 acres) <br />Building Floor Area for ALL phases: <br />Builiding area = 4,050 sf <br />Total residential units proposed: 8 <br />Unit Types: Duplex <br />Density: 14 DU/ac <br />Height: all units 2 story (24 feet) <br />Lot Coverage: 4,050 / 20,279 = 20% <br />Max. Coverage per stormwater: 53% <br />Building Areas: 4 Duplexes <br />Unit A (2 bdrm): <br />First Floor: 503 sf <br />Second Floor: 545 sf <br />Total Unit A Living Area: 1,048 sf <br />Unit B (2 bdrm): <br />First Floor: 508 sf <br />Second Floor: 540 sf <br />Total Unit B Living Area: 1,048 sf <br />Total Building Living Area 1,048 sf x2 = 2,096 sf <br />Building Living Areas Total: 2,096 sf x4 = 8,384 sf <br />Project Description <br />Proposed construction of 7 (14 Dwelling units) <br />General Notes <br />1. These notes are general in nature and are intended to set the <br />minimum standards for construction. Any conditions, if <br />discovered, which are not clear or are different than required by <br />code or site conditions shall be brought to the attention of the <br />architect immediately. The contractor shall verify all dimensions <br />and conditions on all sheet drawings and in the field, and notify <br />the architect of any discrepancies before proceeding. <br />2. Specific notes and details shall take precedence over general <br />notes and typical details. <br />3. Dimensions shall supersede scale, and are measured from <br />edge of stud. <br />4. All work shall conform to the latest approved editions of the <br />standards listed in "codes" above. <br />Issue Date: <br />Project: <br />1005 4th Street <br />anacortes, washington 98221 <br />360.588.0471 <br />mike underwood, AIA <br /> <br />Project name: <br />Registered <br />ARCHITECT <br />9878 <br />Michael G. Underwood <br />State of Washington <br />expires 9-22-23 <br />Z: <br />\ <br />r <br />e <br />v <br />i <br />t <br /> <br />l <br />o <br />c <br />a <br />l <br /> <br />f <br />i <br />l <br />e <br />s <br />\ <br />I <br />r <br />w <br />i <br />n <br /> <br />2 <br />9 <br /> <br />V <br />4 <br />_ <br />m <br />i <br />k <br />e <br />@ <br />u <br />n <br />d <br />e <br />r <br />w <br />o <br />o <br />d <br />a <br />r <br />c <br />h <br />i <br />t <br />ec <br />t <br />u <br />r <br />e <br />. <br />c <br />o <br />m <br />. <br />r <br />v <br />t <br />2/14/2022 3:24:05 PM <br />A001 <br />Project Info & <br />Code Summary <br />02/14/2022 <br />2021-11-22 <br />29th Street <br />Duplexes <br />Clear & Grade Set <br />Irwin Duplexes <br />1210/1212 29th <br />St, Anacortes, <br />WA 98221 <br />Revisions <br />No. Date Description <br />1/4" = 1'-0"2 Vicinity Map <br />site <br />1/4" = 1'-0"3 Project Team <br />Architectural Sheet List <br />Sheet <br />Number Sheet Name <br />A000 Title Sheet <br />A101 Floor Plans <br />A200 Elevations <br />A102 Foundation Plan <br />A100 Site Plan <br />A103 Floor Framing Plan <br />A104 Roof Framing Plan <br />A002 General Notes <br />A501 Envelope Details <br />A301 Sections <br />A001 Project Info & Code <br />Summary <br />A003 Survey, Utilities, <br />Open Space <br />A004 Clear and Grade Site <br />Plan