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<br />Clearing & Grading Permit Application <br />Updated November 2021 Page 3 of 14 <br />OTHER SUBMITTALS DETERMINED ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS <br />Following is a list of technical reports that will be required to be submitted to the City when certain <br />circumstances exist on or near a site an Applicant is planning on making improvements to. The general <br />triggers for each of the listed technical reports I provided below: <br />A. CRITICAL AREAS REPORTS: In general, Critical Area reports are required when wetlands <br />and/or streams are located on or near a site. Critical area mitigation plans may also be required, <br />depending on the project proposal. See Anacortes Municipal Code Ch. 19.70 for additional <br />information. <br />B. GEOTECHNICAL REPORT: In general, Geotechnical Reports are required when work is <br />proposed on or near slopes in excess of 15% and/or known landslide hazard areas. See <br />Anacortes Municipal Code Ch. 17.70 for additional information. <br />C. STORMWATER DRAINAGE REPORT: In general, Stormwater Drainage Reports are required <br />when an applicant is proposing to add or replace more than 2,000 square feet of impervious <br />surfaces. See Anacortes Municipal Code Ch. 19.76 for additional information. <br /> <br />OTHER PERMITS DETERMINED ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS <br />Following is a list of other permits that could be required in certain circumstances. The general triggers <br />for each of the listed permits is provided below. <br />A. RIGHT-OF-WAY PERMIT: A right-of-way permit is required anytime the public right-of-way is <br />disturbed or obstructed in any way by private development or the general public. <br /> <br />