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<br />Clearing & Grading Permit Application <br />Updated November 2021 Page 2 of 14 <br />REQUIRED SUBMITTAL INFORMATION <br />Additional details on certain submittal items are provided below to ensure Applicants are fully aware <br />what City staff will be looking for when an application is submitted to the City. <br />• FORM CG-1: CLEARING & GRADING PERMIT APPLICATION FORM. Provides key information <br />about your project, including project details, property owner, contractor, and contact information. <br />• AGENT AUTHORIZATION FORM. Provide this completed form to authorize someone other <br />than the property owner to apply for permits. <br />• CRITICAL AREAS IDENTIFICATION FORM. Use this from to determine and/or identify if <br />critical areas or critical area buffers are located on or within 300 ft. of the development <br />area. If critical areas are determined to be present, a Critical Area Permit may be required. <br />• FORM CG-2: SITE INFORMATION FORM. Provides key information and asks questions about <br />site characteristics that are used to determine whether your project requires any other information <br />or additional permit applications to be submitted. <br />• FORM CG-3: STORMWATER MANAGEMENT MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS <br />DETERMINATION FORM. Most development within the City of Anacortes that involves <br />disruption of soils, or construction of buildings, streets, parking lots, etc. requires a Stormwater <br />review. Stormwater review requirements are based on either the amount of soil to be disturbed <br />(grading, vegetation removal), or the amount of hard surface that is created or replaced on a site <br />(building footprint, concrete, asphalt or gravel parking, sidewalk, etc.). Form CG-3 assists you in <br />determining the level of stormwater review (applicable Minimum Requirements) required for your <br />project. <br />• STORMWATER SITE PLAN. The Stormwater Site Plan is the comprehensive report containing all <br />of the technical information and analysis necessary for regulatory agencies to evaluate your <br />project for compliance with stormwater requirements. The level of stormwater review and <br />contents of the Stormwater Site Plan will vary with the type and size of the project, and individual <br />site characteristics. Use Form CG-3 to determine the level of stormwater review and then <br />complete the applicable Stormwater Minimum Requirements Form on the Public Works - <br />Engineering Department Forms website and provide required submittal items/plans. <br />• FORM CG-4: CLEARING & GRADING PLANS. Form CG-4 contains a list of all the items required <br />to be shown clearing and grading plans. <br />• SEPA CHECKLIST: Unless a project is categorically exempt, an environmental checklist is required <br />to be completed and submitted. <br />• SUBDIVISION GUARANTEE: A document prepared by a title insurance company documenting <br />the ownership and title of all interested parties in the development and that lists all encumbrances. <br />The certificate or report must be dated within 30 days prior to the submittal of a permit to the City. <br />Copies of all the encumbrances listed within the certificate or report must be provided. <br />• RECORDED PROPERTY BOUNDARY SURVEY: A recorded survey is required to define the limits <br />of the property subject to the application. All property corners must be staked/marked and visible. <br /> <br />