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Related Permits <br /> Previously approved permits related to this primary permit <br /> Permit Description <br /> PRE-2021-0039 Construction of(5)duplex units <br /> Completeness Review <br /> Application is* Application deemed complete by Planner on:* <br /> Complete Incomplete Voided 3/9/2022 <br /> Application Materials* <br /> Upload revised application if one is submitted and/or up to nine additional attachments. <br /> Irwin-Agent Authorization.pdf 224.86KB <br /> Irwin 29th-Clear&Grade Permit Application.pdf 1.16MB <br /> Irwin 29th Clearing and Grading Permit Set.pdf 14.55MB <br /> Title Commitment.pdf 417.68KB <br /> Storm Water Drainage Report.pdf 9.62MB <br /> Note:The permanent record will reflect the file names as uploaded. <br />