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Brian and Becky Burch <br /> 1800 DOWN JONES WAY <br /> ANACORTES WA 98221 <br /> Home Phone(360)-293-0594 <br /> February 05, 1997 <br /> Dear neighbors, <br /> Hello. We are your neighbors located at 1800 Down Jones Way. For the past year now we have had a <br /> great increases in wet, Soggy ground all around our property. We even have standing water from time to <br /> time. <br /> We are trying to assess and see if anyone else on the street is experiencing any water problems on or <br /> around their property at anytime this past year. If so, we hope to put together a notice to the city <br /> regarding this problem. <br /> We have information that an 8" perf drain was to be put in by the developer/contractor of the new <br /> development in Jones field. This particular drain,'which was in the blue print according to Speed Garrett, <br /> Public Works inspector for the city, was to be put along the fence line running East to West behind the <br /> North side of Down Jones Way. As many of us know, it was not put in. Thus, water problems. <br /> Again, if you are having ANY problems, please sign your name, address and a description of any new <br /> water/wet areas on your property and bring it by our place. (Note to all of you with backyards attached <br /> to the new development, walk along the backside and see if you are getting a"squish" of water when you <br /> step on the ground). <br /> Most sincerely, <br /> Brian and Becky Burch <br /> cut here cut here cut here cut here . <br /> NO, I AM NOT HAVING ANY WATER PROBLEMS. <br /> YES, I AM HAVING WATER PROBLEMS. <br /> IF SO DESCRIBE: <br /> sign your name(s): <br /> date: <br />