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Lange, Steve <br /> From: Lange, Steve <br /> Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2021 12:24 PM <br /> To: 'Corbin Anderson' <br /> Cc: Shjarback, Eric; Measamer, Don; Symonds, Justin <br /> Subject: RE: Drainage Issue <br /> Corbin, <br /> After 24 years, it is hard to go back on your neighbors to have them construct something that may or may not have been <br /> on the plans. I have not seen the construction plans for the plat, other than the drawing of record I provided you. <br /> Normally, if something was not installed, it is common industry standards to make a note on the drawing of record <br /> stating such. <br /> 1. After reading the documents provided, it appears the developer moved forward with a proposal, after contact <br /> by the City, when constructing the lots. <br /> 2. The lots were filled from excavation of the road way and placed on the lots. <br /> 3. Again, your gutters were not connected to your house perimeter drains and draining along the foundation of the <br /> house. <br /> As stated, if you get the roof water away from your foundation,you will see a significant relief in water around <br /> your yard. I am not sure why the gutters were removed from the piping, other than the black poly ADS pipe may <br /> have failed. <br /> 4. As mentioned, I am finding that after a home reaches the 20-year mark,the footing drains no longer function as <br /> designed.These pipes need to be cleaned or replaced as part of maintenance of homeownership. <br /> 5. Walking in your yard was not showing significant yielding during the wet season.You stated the previous owner <br /> installed a perimeter drain in the yard.This was not physically visible during the site visit. <br /> 6. The north portion of your yard has a higher grade than you have around your house. That portion of the yard <br /> appears to be at the same elevation as your neighbor to the north,which slopes southerly towards your house. <br /> Additionally,the neighbor to the west is at a higher elevation that your property.The neighbor to the west the <br /> gutters in a piped system. <br /> 7. All properties, from W Avenue,to Kingsway are impacted by the elevation of Little Cranberry Lake. Additionally, <br /> you have the Heart Lake drainage subsurface flow.There are many documented wells in this area that <br /> contribute to subsurface flow activities, as well. I mentioned an artesian well on the Skagit Cohousing Project <br /> that just appeared next to their foundation of the first building. So to say that they are not contributors is <br /> incorrect. <br /> Justin and I stated we would put in for a video of the storm line to determine where your stub is located at the street. <br /> Items we discussed, or was mentioned in a previous email to you: <br /> a. I recommend that you find out why your on-site drainage system is not working. <br /> b. Locate the drain line installed by the previous owner and determine if it is functioning properly. <br /> i <br />