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G1�Y 0 <br /> Public Works <br /> et� �sw Engineering and Development Services <br /> Memo <br /> Date: August 4, 2003 <br /> To: Bart and Elizabeth Evans <br /> From: Gary Barnett <br /> Subject: Completing our agreement <br /> Thank you for allowing me into your home where you shared your concerns, <br /> needs and desires for the roadway extension, drainage fixes and more. You <br /> explained the necessity of a firm timeline for each planned action. <br /> I have drafted this attached letter for review by you and your attorney. We have <br /> talked several times. Each time I better understood your requests. I believe this <br /> draft letter addresses each and every one. If I haven't gotten it quite right, let me <br /> know. You know I am sincere in my efforts to put together an agreement that <br /> brings closure to the long promised drainage improvements, sets you up with a <br /> duplex lot and creates a road design that we all can live with. <br /> The City Council will be the approving authority for this agreement. I believe the <br /> agreement"makes sense" and will recommend approval. To complete the <br /> drainage improvements this year,we need to get going now. May I have your <br /> reply by the end of this week, August 8, so that I may continue the necessary steps <br /> to GET THIS DONE. CONTROL THE DRAINAGE NOW. CREATE YOUR <br /> DUPLEX LOT. AND END THE DUST. <br /> Thank you and best regards, <br /> City of Anacortes Telephone 360.293.1920 <br /> Engineering and Development Services Fax 360.293.1938 <br /> PO Box 547 Email <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br />