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Mr. & Mrs. Barton N. Evans <br /> 1710 28th Street <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> <br /> Mr. Gary Barnett <br /> Assistant City Engineer <br /> City of Ancortes <br /> P.O. Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Dear Mr. Barnett: <br /> Subject: 28th Street Improvement and ROW Acquisition <br /> Thank you for the time you have spent listening to our concerns about the planned <br /> extension of 28th Street. As you know, we support the extension and improvement of this <br /> street. In working with you, our emphasis has been on a safe street for pedestrians and to <br /> manage vehicle speeds through our neighborhood, while minimizing the effects of a new <br /> road on all the adjacent residents. <br /> The City has agreed with us on the following road design items,which are schematically <br /> shown on the attached drawing dated 7.23.03. <br /> • Keep the road narrow by placing sidewalk and curbs together. <br /> • Create a three-way stop at the H Avenue and new 28th Street intersection. <br /> • Shift the road south adjacent to our parcel to emphasize the curve in the road to <br /> reduce downhill speeds. <br /> • Install a stop or yield sign at the cul-de-sac. <br /> • Install a raised island of striped asphalt or standard raised concrete driveway <br /> across the entrance to slow down traffic to the multifamily development in the cul <br /> de sac. <br /> • Reduce the width of the roadway to create a"traffic choker" effect across the <br /> front of 1710 and 1718 28th Street. Total width of street, curbs and sidewalk <br /> shall be no more than 33 feet. This will help manage vehicle speed. <br /> In consideration for our grant of 20 feet of property across the south portion of our two <br /> lots (and a 30 foot by 3 foot triangle across the southeast part of 1710 as needed) the City <br /> will: <br /> • Prepare, approve, and record a new property short plat of 1718 28th Street to <br /> create a new 90-foot by 134-foot lot on the western portion of the property. Stake <br /> all property corners in the field. <br />