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Dear Mr. Nihart <br /> Re: Proposed 28th Ave Road Construction/connection <br /> Thank you for your email that shared your thoughts about the further development of 28th <br /> Ave. From each communication such as yours and other residents, the City is able to <br /> make decisions based upon many perspectives. Residents and council alike are looking <br /> at traffic management issues of dispersement and/or concentration, pedestrian safety, <br /> neighborhood connections, traffic calming measures and more. <br /> The City received input regarding traffic increases on H Avenue and 28th Street at the <br /> Planning Commission public hearings for the proposed plat of Pleasant Slope. The City <br /> Council then reviewed that project and various appeals at the May 19 session. Council <br /> directed City staff to meet with 28th Street residents to insure the broadest range of input <br /> to the decision before them. A meeting with 28th Street residents, staff and Mayor <br /> occurred on May 29. <br /> From that meeting several items became clear and received a consensus <br /> 1. There is no cost to residents <br /> 2. If 28th Street is improved, it should be to a full city standard with concrete curbs <br /> and sidewalks to provide a finished, safe pedestrian and road improvement. No <br /> halfway measures. Drainage improvements to be included. <br /> 3. Traffic calming should be included in any new connection to J Ave. This would <br /> most likely occur by using a three way stop at the Tee intersection of H Ave with 28th <br /> Street. <br /> 4. Sensitivity to residents landscaping and yards. <br /> 5. Residents and landowners present believed that a road connection, to full city <br /> standards, was a reasonable and beneficial action, if the City paid all costs. The roadway <br /> dust finally would be eliminated. <br /> This information was reported back to the City Council on June 2, 2003. Your email will <br /> be part of their information as they make a decision regarding the public road system in <br /> central area of the City. The City Council will make a decision based upon the best <br /> interests of the area residents and citizens of Anacortes. That decision may be to develop <br /> the existing and historical 28th Street public right of way. <br /> If you need additional information at any time,please contact Bob Hyde, Public Works <br /> Director at 293.1921. Again, thank you for clearly expressing your opinions regarding <br /> the potential improvements to 28t1i Ave. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Dean Maxwell <br /> Mayor <br />