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those permits as well as any other required charges by the Utility <br /> Companies, Puget Sound Energy, Verizon Northwest, Comcast Cable, <br /> AT&T Broadband, Cascade Natural Gas and their successors. <br /> If said lot transfers ownership within the 10-year time period, all rights as <br /> described in item #9 stay with the property. <br /> CONSTRUCTION AND CONSTRUCTION TRAFFIC: <br /> 8. All road paving, curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm drainage, sanitary sewer <br /> construction, as described below in 28th Street from H to J Avenue will be <br /> completed within 90 days from the start of construction. <br /> 9. Vintage Investments will perform all of the road paving, curb, gutter, <br /> sidewalk, storm drainage and sanitary sewer work on 28th Street between <br /> H and J Avenues. <br /> 10.During construction, the City will require with the developer, Vintage <br /> Investments, to direct construction traffic associated with the Pleasant <br /> Slope subdivision to roads that connect directly to arterial routes and not <br /> down or up 28th Street. <br /> 11.The sidewalk on the east side along the H Avenue extend will be moved <br /> along the curb. This will allow for an additional 6-feet, 16+\- feet total, of <br /> vegetation buffer between 1720 28th Street and H Avenue. <br /> 12.The City will require the developer to send notice to the major vendors <br /> (Truss companies, Concrete companies and Lumber companies) to use <br /> the 32nd and D Avenue route of travel for deliveries to the project site. <br /> 13.The City will require the developer to place a sign at the development <br /> entrance to use 32nd and D Avenue as the ingress and egress for <br /> deliveries and workers. This will reduce any traffic down 28th Street and <br /> also H Avenue. <br /> 14.The City will pay to install curb, gutter, sidewalk and paving on 28th Street <br /> between J and H Avenues. <br /> 15. The City will provide on 28th Street in front of 1710 and 1718, for the <br /> entire width, paving not to exceed 22-feet, or outside of the curb and <br /> gutter, 25-foot maximum. <br /> 16.The City will install an 18-inch overflow line from the Pleasant Slope <br /> project to run down existing 28th Street Right-of-Way in front of Stampe <br /> Duplex. <br /> R:\Active Projects\Developments\Evan Short plat\Agreement <br />