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10.The City will provide (3) empty 3-inch pipe chase(s) for future electric, <br /> cable and telephone services for a duplex building for 1720 28th Street. <br /> The City will work with each Utility Company to ensure that the existing <br /> overhead electrical utilities are maintained. <br /> 11.The City will pay water, sewer, and storm hook up costs, General Facilities <br /> Charge, and any other City fees required for construction on the new lot <br /> when a building permit is issued, provided that the building permit is <br /> applied for within 10-years except standard building, mechanical, <br /> electrical, and plumbing permit fees will be paid by the applicant of those <br /> permits. If said lot transfers ownership within the 10-year time period, all <br /> rights as described in item #9 stay with the property. <br /> 12. During construction, the City will work with the developer, Vintage <br /> Investments, to direct construction traffic associated with the Pleasant <br /> Slope subdivision to roads that connect directly to arterial routes and not <br /> down or up 28th Street. <br /> 13.The City will install curb, gutter, sidewalk and paving on 28th Street <br /> between J and H Avenues. <br /> 14. The City will provide on 28th Street in front of 1710 and 1718, for the <br /> entire width, paving not to exceed 22-feet, or outside of the curb and <br /> gutter, 25-foot maximum. <br /> 15.The City will install an 18-inch overflow line from the Pleasant Slope <br /> project to run down existing 28th Street Right-of-Way in front of Stampe <br /> Duplex. <br /> 16. The City, when construction is completed, will paint yellow and white <br /> definition lines on 28th Street (Similar to that on 29th Street next to Storvik <br /> Park) to identify area to slow traffic ingress and egress into the Cul-de- <br /> Sac. <br /> 17.City will install a stop sign for safety inside the cul-de-sac. <br /> 18.The City will ensure that the intersection at 28th and H Avenue is a 3-way <br /> stop. <br /> 19. The City will install "No Parking" signs on both sides of 28th Street in front <br /> of 1710,1718 and 1720. <br /> 20. The City agrees to plant (22) maximum Russian laurel bushes, 5-foot in <br /> height along the south run of 1718 and 1720 28th Street. They will be <br /> placed per planting recommendations and in accordance to Mr. And Mrs. <br /> Evans. <br /> R:\Active Projects\Developments\Evan Short plat\Agreement\Road Construction and storm Drainage Improvements.doc <br />