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ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND STORM DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS <br /> 1. The City will pay attorney's fees (Add: as required) incurred by you up to <br /> the amount of $ <br /> 2. Vintage Investments will perform all of the road paving, curb, gutter, <br /> sidewalk, storm drainage and sanitary sewer work on 28th Street between <br /> H and J Avenues. <br /> 3. The Short plat process, street vacations and all road paving, curb, gutter, <br /> sidewalk, storm drainage, sanitary sewer construction, as described below <br /> in 28th Street from H to J Avenue will be completed within 90 days from <br /> the start of construction. <br /> 4. The Evan's will execute a Right of Entry agreement that allows <br /> construction of improvements to the south 20-feet of their parcels. <br /> The Evan's will execute a deed for the described property that will be <br /> recorded at the same time as the Short plat. The deed shall be held in <br /> escrow until improvements are complete and the Short plat is <br /> recorded. Title to the 20-feet easement will remain with you until the <br /> Short plat and road construction are complete as described herein. <br /> 5. City staff will assist in completing the Short plat and record in concurrent <br /> with the property deed from you, showing 1718 split in two lots — one <br /> 70'x134, and one 90'x134'. <br /> 6. The City will prepare, consider, approve, and record a new property Short <br /> plat of 1718 28th Street to create a new 90'x134' lot on the western portion <br /> of the property. The City will stake all property corners in the field. <br /> 7. The City will participate with the Evan's to vacate and deed in the Short <br /> plat, necessary land at H Avenue Right-of-Way to you in order to form a <br /> new lot split at 1718 28th Street (two parcels), measuring 90'x134' (12,060 <br /> Square Feet), and 70'x134' (existing residence on 9,380 Square Feet). <br /> 8. The City will handle notices and fees to complete this Short plat. <br /> 9. The City will provide (1) 1-inch water service for double service and (1) 6- <br /> inch sanitary sewer service line to the new lot for duplex construction. <br /> R:\Active Projects\Developments\Evan Short plat\Agreement\Road Construction and storm Drainage Improvements.doc <br />