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This street vacation proposal is a part of a directive of the Planning Commission <br /> and City Council. <br /> Pleasant Slopes Addition to the West of this proposed vacation. 34-lot <br /> subdivision. <br /> Planning Commission\Council: <br /> 1. Recommendation by PC and Council to have the City extend 28th Street <br /> from H to J Avenue. This will direct traffic to 2 points not one. <br /> 2. Council has approved in the 2004 budget for this project the amount of <br /> $285,000 <br /> 3. Gary Barnett and I were authorized by the Mayor, Ian and Bob Hyde to <br /> negotiate with Bart and Elizabeth Evans for 20 strip of land for Right-of- <br /> Way that is needed to make this project happen. <br /> 4. On-going negotiations. Meeting tomorrow to finalize agreement? <br /> 5. We have plans and specifications complete for review, close to bid time. <br /> 6. Developed schedule for project. Pleasant Slope schedule. Timing. Will be <br /> discussed tomorrow morning. <br /> 7. Mylars for Short plat are waiting for us. <br /> In the agreement, we are to; <br /> 1. The City will prepare, consider, and, if approved, record a new property <br /> Short plat of 1718 28th Street to create a new 98'x134' lot on the western <br /> portion of the property. The City will stake all property corners in the field. <br /> (On Task. The Short plat has been reviewed and sent back to <br /> Leonard Boudinot and Skodje for Mylar preparation.). <br /> 2. Vacate and deed in the Short plat, necessary land at H Avenue Right-of- <br /> Way to you in order to form a new lot split at 1718 28th Street (two <br /> parcels), measuring 98'x134' (13,132 Square Feet), and 70'x134' (existing <br /> residence on 9,380 Square Feet). (On Task. The street vacation <br /> application has been submitted and going to the Board of <br /> Adjustment on March 18, 2004. Scheduled for the April 5th, 2004 City <br /> Council meeting to be approve by Ordinance.) <br /> Purpose: <br /> The vacated portion of H Avenue will be used by the adjoining property owner <br /> for use as part of a residential building lot. <br />