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11. The City agrees to plant 5-gallon size (Delete: 5-gallon size) laurel <br /> bushes (evergreen) along the south run of 1718 28th Street, approximately <br /> 5-feet on center, 5-feet high on your property. (Bart visited Wiggins <br /> Nursery. Recommended by me and has identified the Russian Laurel <br /> as the plant of choice.) <br /> 12. The City will raise the berm approximately 36-inches by 6-inches across <br /> the entrance to cul-de-sac with broad yellow definition lines to slow traffic <br /> ingress and egress to cul-de-sac. City will also install stop signs for safety <br /> inside the cul-de-sac and at a three way stop at 28th Street and H Avenue. <br /> (Signage is noted on the plans. The design in front of the cul-de-sac <br /> has a 24-foot wide driveway approach with a 5-foot sidewalk. This <br /> will raise the area by approximately 6-inches. There will be no need <br /> for any yellow definition lines. It will be treated like a driveway.) <br /> 13. The City will install curb and gutter (Add: and paving), not rolled berm, <br /> on the construction project on 28th Street between J and H Avenues. <br /> 14.The City will install "No Parking" signs on both sides of 28th Street in front <br /> of what is commonly called 1710 and 1718, and also on the unused area <br /> of 28th Street Right-of-Way. (Signage noted on plans. City forces will <br /> place the signs accordingly when construction is completed.) <br /> 15. The City will install an 18-inch overflow line from the Pleasant Slope <br /> project to run down existing 28th Street Right-of-Way in front of Stampe <br /> Duplex. (An 18-inch storm line will be installed on 28th Street from H <br /> Avenue to J Avenue. The storm system from the 28th Street project <br /> west will be designed and installed by the developer of Pleasant <br /> Slope.) <br /> 16. The City will provide on 28th Street in front of 1710 and 1718, for the <br /> entire width, paving not to exceed 22-feet, or outside of the curb and <br /> gutter, 25-foot maximum. (Noted on Plans. Current design is 24-foot <br /> curb face to curb face. 25-foot back of curb to back of curb.) <br /> 17. The City will not disrupt the shrubs and trees in front of 1710 28th Street. <br /> Evans to prune as necessary for ease of construction. Any construction <br /> damage will be mitigated by the City of Anacortes. <br /> 18. The City will pay attorney's fees (Add: as required) incurred by you up to <br /> the amount of $1500.00. <br /> Thanks, <br /> Steven Lange <br /> Project Manager <br /> R:\Active Projects\Developments\Evan Short plat\Agreement\Road Construction and storm Drainage Improvements.doc <br />