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4. The City will prepare, consider, and, if approved, record a new property <br /> Short plat of 1718 28th Street to create a new 98'x134' lot on the western <br /> portion of the property. The City will stake all property corners in the field. <br /> (On Task. See note on Item #3.) <br /> 5. Vacate and deed in the Short plat, necessary land at H Avenue Right-of- <br /> Way to you in order to form a new lot split at 1718 28th Street (two <br /> parcels), measuring 98'x134' (13,132 Square Feet), and 70'x134' (existing <br /> residence on 9,380 Square Feet). (On Task. The street vacation <br /> application has been submitted and going to the Board of <br /> Adjustment on March 18, 2004. Scheduled for the April 5th, 2004 City <br /> Council meeting to be approve by Ordinance.) <br /> 6. The City will handle notices and fees to complete this Short plat. (Being <br /> done.) <br /> 7. The City will provide water and sewer service lines to the new lot as <br /> required for duplex construction. (Noted on plans.) <br /> 8. The City will provide empty 3-inch pipe chase(s) as required for future <br /> electric, cable and telephones as required for duplex service to the new <br /> lot. The City will ensure that the existing overhead electrical utilities are <br /> maintained. (I am working with the PSE, Cascade Natural Gas, Verizon <br /> Northwest and Comcast Cable to get the proper conduits to the new <br /> lots. Also, coordinating a new design between 28th Street project and <br /> Pleasant Slope that will clean up the services in the area of the <br /> proposed Short plat. Currently working to supply underground to the <br /> existing home on 1718 28th Street. No need to have overhead <br /> electrical line. Homeowner will renew service on existing home. <br /> 9. The City will pay water, sewer, and storm hook up costs, General Facilities <br /> Charge, and any other City fees required for construction on the new lot <br /> when a building permit is issued, provided that the building permit is <br /> applied for within 10-years except standard building, mechanical, <br /> electrical, and plumbing permit fees will be paid by the applicant of those <br /> permits. (Add: If said lot transfers ownership within the 10-year time <br /> period, all rights as described in item #9 stay with the property.) <br /> 10. During construction, the City will make best effort to (Delete: make best <br /> effort to) direct and supply construction traffic associated with the <br /> Pleasant Slope subdivision to roads that connect directly to arterial routes <br /> and not down or up 28th Street. (Add: Access down 28th Street east of J <br /> Avenue will be blocked with barricades for the term of construction <br /> on Pleasant Slopes.) <br /> R:\Active Projects\Developments\Evan Short plat\Agreement\Road Construction and storm Drainage Improvements.doc <br />