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City of Anacortes <br /> Engineering Department <br /> P.O. Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> 360.293.1920 — Office 360.293.1938 - Fax <br /> Date: March 17, 2004 <br /> To: Bob Hyde, Public Works Director <br /> From: Steven Lange, Project Manager <br /> RE: Evan's Agreement for 28th Street Extension <br /> Below is a retype version of the agreement for your review. I have included <br /> additions, deletions and explanations as to where we are and what we are doing. <br /> Attached you will find the original agreement that was sent to Mr. Evans for <br /> review. Since then, I have met with Mr. Evans and went through the agreement. <br /> We have addressed all the issues. After your review of this, I would like to meet <br /> with you to discuss. <br /> ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND STORM DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS <br /> 1. If and when (Delete If and) construction begins of the Pleasant Slope <br /> project, complete the Short plat process described in Item #4 below and <br /> all road paving, storm drainage, sanitary sewer construction, and utilities <br /> as described below in 28th Street from H to J Avenue within 12 months. <br /> (Delete 12 months and add 60 calendar days from start of <br /> construction.) <br /> 2. You will execute a Right of Entry agreement that allows construction of <br /> improvements to the south 20-feet of your parcels. You will execute a <br /> deed for the described property that will be recorded at the same time as <br /> the Short plat. The deed shall be held in escrow until improvements are <br /> complete and the Short plat is recorded. Title to the 20-feet easement will <br /> remain with you until the Short plat and road construction are complete as <br /> described herein. <br /> 3. City staff will assist you in completing the Short plat and record in <br /> concurrent with the property deed from you, showing 1718 split in two lots <br /> — one 70'x134, and one 98'x134'. We have completed much of the <br /> application and drawings. (On Task. The Short plat has been reviewed <br /> and sent back to Leonard Boudinot and Skodje for Mylar <br /> preparation.) <br /> R:\Active Projects\Developments\Evan Short plat\Agreement\Road Construction and storm Drainage Improvements.doc <br />