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HERRIGSTAD ENGINEERING <br /> Civil Engineer <br /> 4320 Whistle Lake Road Dale Herrigstad,P.E. "` 4 .; <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 (360)299-8804 ''I t*". �° <br /> eS <br /> October 16, 2009 Job#629 a if <br /> C ;Yv1. <br /> Don Measamer <br /> Building Official d I'1L\-'cPt e <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> PO Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Subject: loth Street Block 58 Alley Improvements (PW#09-034-DEV) corrections and <br /> response to review dated October 8, 2009. <br /> Dear Don, <br /> In response to your review dated October 8, 2009,the following are changes completed. <br /> 1. The alley improvements have been extended to"0"Avenue. <br /> 2. The storm drainage system has been extended to the upper lot such that the <br /> storm connection from parcel 1 does not cross parcel 2. I do not see the <br /> benefit of extending the storm line to N Avenue. <br /> 3. We would request the city to re-evaluate the need for a hydrant at N Avenue <br /> and 10th. A hydrant coverage sketch is attached showing 250 radius's from <br /> hydrants in the vicinity. Due to the fact that these new structures will be <br /> sprinkled does this project also need to bare the cost an additional hydrant <br /> when most of the site meets current coverage with existing hydrants. Is a fire <br /> flow analysis still necessary? <br /> 4. See#3 above. <br /> 5. The fire protection for these buildings will be off the domestic water system <br /> where no fire department connection is provided. See architectural plans for <br /> type construction and fire protection requirements. <br /> 6. Due to parking requirements a Pad location is impossible. These units will <br /> use trash cans places inside garages. <br /> 7. The owner does not intend to condominiumize this project and prefers single <br /> meters per building. <br /> 8. An ADA ramp has been added to the corner of 10th and N. <br /> 9. A sidewalk has been added along N Avenue. <br /> 10. A Boundary Line Adjustment is currently being recorded and a copy is <br /> attached. <br /> Let me know if there is more information required. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> godi, <br /> Dale Herrigstad P.E. <br />