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Chi-03414 <br /> 0%I.,04. Anacortes Planning & Community Development Dept. <br /> Permit Center <br /> 4. w) P.O.Box 547.Anacortes,WA 98221-0547 PH(360)293-1901 <br /> aQOB� Ryan Larsen,Planning.Community and Economic Development Director FAX(360)293-193 <br /> Don Measamer,Assistant Director,Building Official <br /> Date: October 8, 2009 <br /> Dale Herrigstad <br /> 4320 Whistle Lake Rd. <br /> Anacortes Wa 98221 <br /> Re: 10th Street and N Avenue— 1117 and 1119 10th Street Project <br /> Dear Dale, <br /> The following comments are a result of the DRG review of the civil drawings for the <br /> proposed street improvements, alley improvements and utility improvements for the two <br /> proposed 5 unit buildings located at 1117 and 1119 10th street. <br /> Please note that the following comments may not constitute a final review and that <br /> additional comments may be generated by the Public Works Engineering Department. <br /> 1. The alley will need to be developed to city standards from 0 Avenue to N <br /> Avenue. <br /> 2. The storm drain line will need to be extended from 0 Avenue to N Avenue. The <br /> storm connection from Parcel 1 cannot cross Parcel 1 to connect to the storm side <br /> service. <br /> 3. Provide copy of fire flow analysis for review. <br /> 4. A fire hydrant will need to be installed at the corner of N Avenue and 10th street <br /> per fire department approval. <br /> 5. Show proposed locations of the required fire department connections for the fire <br /> sprinkler system. <br /> 6. The DRG recommends a dumpster pad of sufficient size to accommodate recycle <br /> and solid waste. <br /> 7. The DRG recommends separate meters for each unit due to billing issues if they <br /> are condominiums. <br /> 8. A city standard ADA curb ramp will need to be constructed at the corner of 10th <br /> and N. <br /> 9. A city standard sidewalk will need to be constructed at N Avenue abutting the site <br /> per public works department approval. <br /> 10. Provide a copy of a recent boundary survey. <br />