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tD - ►3i�. <br /> D-cV: ►a.o t.ocj <br /> $Lt <br /> APPENDIX C—BOUNDARY LINE ADJUSTMENT JANUARY 2009 <br /> Public Works Department <br /> Boundary Line Adjustment <br /> Submittal Checklist <br /> Section 16.08.070 <br /> Chapter 16.08 Boundary Line Adjustment <br /> The adjustment of boundary lines may be approved by the administrator if an application is filed <br /> with the information required by the administrator and where no new lot is created thereby and <br /> where no lot is reduced in size below the minimum square footage and frontage required by the <br /> applicable zoning control. All adjustments of boundary lines shall be filed with the city and <br /> county. <br /> Compliance with SEPA. <br /> - Except as provided herein and except upon lands covered by water, and lands which have <br /> been previously short platted and exempted from SEPA, short plats are exempt from SEPA <br /> requirements. An environmental checklist as provided by SEPA shall be completed and <br /> submitted with any application for short subdivision of property within a shoreline jurisdiction <br /> and with any application for short subdivision of property into five or more lots,tracts, <br /> parcels, sites, or divisions, for sale or lease. <br /> SEPA(State Environmental Policy Act) <br /> - has both procedural and substantive requirements. Procedurally, SEPA requires full <br /> disclosure of the environmental impacts of a proposal. Substantively, SEPA requires that the <br /> city either condition a project in order to minimize or mitigate negative environmental <br /> impacts or deny a project outright as too environmentally damaging. SEPA requirements are <br /> set out in the state statute, state regulations, and city ordinance. <br /> Eight copies of the short plat application that shall contain: <br /> A. An accurately scaled (at one inch equals one hundred feet) and dimensioned map legibly <br /> drawn in permanent black ink or approved equivalent on eighteen-inch by twenty-four-inch <br /> tracing cloth, stable base mylar polyester film or equivalent approved material showing the <br /> following: <br /> 't. The name or number of the proposed short plat, and county assessor's parcel numbers; <br /> -2. True north point and scale; <br /> o.3. Names of applicant(s); <br /> obe6 wcT' --tom 4. An accurate legal description of the land included in the short plat. In the event the <br /> rT' io k 50.6 boundaries are described by metes and bounds, the accuracy of the description shall be <br /> attested to and signed by a registered land surveyor, with basis of bearings stated; <br /> APPENDIX C: PR-05 <br />