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Sep 24 09 11:51a Dale Herrigstad 360-293-8210 p.1 <br /> September 24,2009 <br /> Kathy Jenke <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> PO Box 547 <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Subject:Anacortes 10a'Street LLC Boundary Line Adjustment at 1119 10th Street. <br /> The accompanying drawings reflect a proposed Boundary Line Adjustment for parcels <br /> P55262 and P55270 both under the ownership of Anacortes 106 Street LLC. The <br /> purpose is to square up two odd shaped lots created from a former railroad right-of-way <br /> back to a typical building lot. <br /> SWORN STATEMENT <br /> APPLICANT <br /> Anacortes 10th Street LLC <br /> 13142 Persons Road <br /> Bow, WA 98232 <br /> Phone: 360-707-5588 <br /> No other party has an interest in this land <br /> This letter certifies that none of the land included in the Boundary Line Adjustment has <br /> been included in a subdivision within the last 5 years. <br /> There are no proposed private restrictions or covenants included with the Boundary Line <br /> Adjustment. <br /> Greg Kreid <br /> Anacortes 10th Street LLC <br />