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HERRIGSTAD ENGINEERING <br /> Civil Engineer <br /> 4320 Whistle Lake Road Dale Herrigstad,P.E. <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 (360)299-8804 <br /> September 24,2009 Li Ip._,TEEE-1 Job#629 <br /> Steve Lange SEP 2 5 2009 1 <br /> Project Manager %l <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> PO Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Subject: 10th Street BLA Review response(PW#09-034-DEV). <br /> I have completed the pick-ups from your review and here are review comments from September <br /> 17, 2009. <br /> I think this Short Plat Submittal Checklist needs to be revised a bit to reflect the requirements of <br /> a Boundary Line Adjustment as identified below. <br /> 1. I have attached another copy of the Subdivision Guarantee that should be in the file. <br /> 2. A break down of a section is not necessary for lots within a Plat of the City of <br /> Anacortes. I clearly show Blocks and monumentation that have been used in <br /> multiple Records of Survey prior to this survey. <br /> 3. I have included the existing house and dimensions to property lines. <br /> 4. The lot numbering and house numbers are shown on Sheet 2 under the general notes. <br /> I have verified with Rob Hoxie that these are correct. <br /> 5. Under section B of this checklist a Boundary Line Adjustment is an administrative <br /> review and will not be sent to neighboring properties so I do not understand the need <br /> for identifying neighbors within 300 feet of this site. <br /> 6. A subdivision guarantee is attached. <br /> 7. A sworn statement is attached. Again I think a BLA does not need to wait 5 years <br /> from a subdivision of property. <br /> 8. There are no proposed covenants or restriction for this BLA. I do not think you <br /> would see new covenants or restrictions associated with a BLA. <br /> 9. Is a quarter section map required when we are not sending neighbors notice of this <br /> BLA. <br /> 10. A BLA is not much more than a boundary survey with City approval. Do we really <br /> want to add a City project number to the title Block? I will add it to this BLA but I <br /> think you should reconsider. <br /> 11. I have attached the closure tape. <br /> 12. No easements exist on these parcels. <br /> Let me know if there is more information required. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Cf6-11a , <br /> Da e Herrigstad P.E. <br />