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• <br /> • <br /> • <br /> 1 4 T <br /> 355 cloth Avenue NE r (425)456-2496 <br /> PO Box 90868,EST 9W F (425)462-3149 <br /> Bellevue,Washington 98009-0868 <br /> Lighting from Puget Sound Energy <br /> STREET LIGHT <br /> AUTHORIZATION LETTER <br /> March 12,2014 <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> Attn:Steve Lange <br /> PO Box 547 <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Project Name: LED Lighting Improvement,22n"&M <br /> Project locations:22°d&M,NE Corner <br /> INTOLIGHT order no: 13007 <br /> Dear Steve, <br /> Thank you for your street lighting request to service the above location. With your authorization,we will proceed <br /> with the change out of(1)existing 100W HPS cobra head street lights to a 52W LED cobra head,and install 1 new <br /> 52W LED Cobrahead on a 8' arm,oriented on the same pole. Install costs for the locations using GE Cobra Head <br /> Flat Lens fixtures is$1,123.25.The monthly energy cost is S9.00 for each LED light.Payment for installation will <br /> be requested after installation is completed.This estimate is valid for 90 days. <br /> The combined monthly energy/maintenance charge of$18.00,as per our Schedule 53 Electric Tariff G,will start <br /> once the lights are energized. <br /> The responsible billing party will be: City of Anacortes <br /> By signing this letter and returning it,you are stating that you authorize us to do the work and this order will he <br /> released to construction for scheduling. Upon receipt of the signed agreement,there is approximately a 4-week <br /> waiting period for installation.Please provide date installation should take place:As stint, A5 Rbss i c: 1..c. <br /> If you have any questions,please call me at 425-456-2701 <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Lars don <br /> Account Manager,Lighting Services from PSE <br /> The above is accepted and authorization is given: <br /> By. Date: :k-i Z.-/4 <br /> Print:_KW.— OC.sJv..t _. Title: pCIi3 4 4)60,16 /�j � <br />