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IZ.3o,1Fj <br /> PSE PUGET SOUND ENERGY <br /> GZrY STEVE LANGE <br /> Loss inquiry process Public Works/Engineering <br /> Phone:360.661.3468 <br /> If you have suffered a loss and PSE is responsible, we w �.'�� tigate; how the <br /> incident occurred,determine whether or not PSE is resp `9 CO 3 Fax: 360.293.1938 iswered some <br /> frequently asked questions about our process below. .4° `� <br /> Please review the information on this page carefully befc <br /> 904 6th Street,P.O.Box 547 our decision <br /> '" Anacortes,Washing <br /> ton file a claim. 98221-0547 <br /> When is PSE responsible for my claim? <br /> It is PSE's responsibility to fairly compensate you for damages that happen because of negligence on our part. <br /> When is PSE not responsible for my claim? <br /> PSE's responsibility to compensate you does not extend to damages that PSE did not cause.For example, PSE is not responsible for <br /> damages caused by: <br /> • Weather-related conditions sucn as wind,lightning,flooding, heat, ice or snow <br /> • Bird or other animal contacts with equipment <br /> • Equipment failure <br /> • External causes,such as automobile accidents,falling trees or construction activities <br /> In addition, it is your responsibility to provide adequate protection against voltage fluctuations(surge protection)for your motors and <br /> electronic equipment. In cases where there was no surge protection and a motor or electronic equipment is damaged, PSE may not have <br /> a responsibility to compensate you. <br /> Do I have responsibility when I have a claim? <br /> Yes.You have a responsibility to minimize your loss.This means you should take reasonable steps to keep your loss from getting worse <br /> and make sure that your expenses do not accumulate needlessly.You also have a responsibility to preserve the evidence, including items <br /> such as receipts, estimates, photographs and other information, related to your claim. <br /> How long will it take to resolve my claim? <br /> We want to resolve your claim quickly. In most cases, PSE's Claims Department will provide you with a decision on your claim within 30 <br /> days. If there are complex issues involved or if we need additional information,it may take longer than that to resolve your claim. <br /> What will I need to provide to PSE to support my claim? <br /> Please provide the claim form on the following page, along with copies of the receipts related to your loss.We encourage you to provide <br /> photographs when they will help us understand your loss. Please complete the form on the next page as thoroughly and accurately as <br /> possible and provide the appropriate supporting documentation so we can understand your claim and process it more quickly. <br /> If PSE is responsible, what compensation will they provide? <br /> If PSE is responsible for your loss,we will reimburse you for the reasonable cost to repair your damaged property or the present market <br /> value of your property adjusted for depreciation,whichever is less. If it is a claim involving personal injury, we will also provide fair <br /> compensation for damages associated with your injuries. <br /> Is there anything else I can do to address my claim? <br /> You may wish to contact your insurance carrier regarding your claim. Depending on your policy,your loss may be covered. <br /> I have more questions. How do I contact PSE's claims department? <br /> Please email or call the Claims Department at 425-457-5700. <br />