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The City's Floodplain Administrator determined that a Floodplain Development Permit <br /> (FDP) is not required for the proposed work as the elevation of the catwalk is above base <br /> flood elevation. <br /> SMP A-5: Fish and Wildlife Conservation Areas <br /> Based on the City mapping system, the project location is within the Dungeness crab and <br /> pinto abalone shellfish critical areas habitat group. The catwalk utilizes light transmitting <br /> grating and has no in water footprint. The repaired catwalk will have the same overwater <br /> footprint, amount of light transmitting grating, and material types as before the damage. <br /> As such,the proposed work will likely not lead to loss of ecological function for this habitat <br /> type. <br /> SMP A-3: Geologically Hazardous Areas <br /> Based on the City mapping system, the project location is adjacent to an identified area <br /> of tsunami hazard and modified shoreline slope stability. The catwalk is to be repaired <br /> and reinstalled waterward/outside of the identified modified shoreline slope stability and <br /> tsunami hazard area. Therefore, this section would not apply to the proposed catwalk <br /> repair project. <br /> SHORELINE INFORMATION <br /> Shoreline The project is located within the Urban Maritime shoreline environment designation with <br /> Environment all of the work occurring within the Aquatic shoreline environment designation. <br /> Water Body Guemes Channel <br /> VICINITY MAP <br /> SLX-2022-0003—MRT-65 Curtis Wharf Catwalk Repairs <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br />