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ZS o J Kl RiC 7 OA'210,1 <br /> 9n L a <br /> ' EEE t O pr¢ IYN„?n o) <br /> C "-t c b-2..t2.I$ <br /> vv.Y 0 Planning, Community, & Economic Development Department <br /> PO Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> PH: 360.299.1984 <br /> c189l ,c,/ 13 Elements of SWPPP <br /> (Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) <br /> Please check off boxes to show that each element has been read and understood. Provide details where <br /> applicable and if certain aspects are unnecessary or exempt,clearly justify.Details of the 13 Elements <br /> and the correlating BMPs are listed on Pg.236 of the 2014 Stormwater Management Manual for <br /> Western Washington(SWMMWW). A link is provided on the City of Anacortes website,under Planning, <br /> Community,& Economic Development Department, as well as under Stormwater on the Engineering <br /> Division of Public Work's page. <br /> Owner Name:High School Accessory Building at Middle School < [, rip {t}a r"� <br /> Site Address:22nd Street West of Middle School,ANACORTES,WA 98221 <br /> Dale Herrigstad, �. <br /> Prepared By: g �PE _ <br /> The Stormwater checklist or building permit determined that: <br /> ❑ The 13 elements must be addressed for El These elements must be addressed for <br /> construction activity adding under 2,000 construction activity adding 2,000 sq.ft. <br /> sq.ft.of hard surface area. or more of hard surface area. This means <br /> that an attached narrative and site plan <br /> are required with this document. <br /> Under each element,explain the best management practices(BMPs) used or justify reasoning, <br /> for those that will not be used. If needed, please attach a narrative to further explain plans or <br /> justification. <br /> ELEMENT 1: Preserve Vegetation/Mark Clearing Limits <br /> El Before beginning land disturbing activities,including clearing and grading,clearly mark all <br /> clearing limits,sensitive areas and their buffers,and trees that are to be preserved within the <br /> construction area. <br /> E Retain the duff layer,native top soil,and natural vegetation in an undisturbed state to the <br /> maximum degree practical. <br /> A high visibility construction fence will be installed at the perimeter of the construction site. <br /> This will be installed prior to beginning construction. <br /> BMP to be monitored daily and repaired as needed. <br /> Page I.of 8 <br /> March, 2017 <br />