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-rah, sevaseenenum <br /> _ <br /> SEMRAU ENGINEERING &SURVEYING, P.L.L.C. <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: Steve Lange <br /> FROM: John B. Semrau, P.E. & P.L.S. S <br /> SUBJECT: Jackson 2-Lot Short Plat ANA 08-003 <br /> PW 07-040-DEV <br /> CC: <br /> DATE: September 4, 2008 <br /> Following is a summary of changes to the short plat map since our last response July 24, 2008. <br /> 1. Septic soil holes have been reviewed and approved by the County. We have included <br /> for your records a copy of this information. <br /> 2. We added Note 23 to Sheet 1 in regard to a septic design required prior to building <br /> permit issuance on Lot 2. <br /> 3. We revised Sheet 2 to show an increase in size of the septic and reserve area serving <br /> Lot 1. We also added the septic hole locations and labels from information provided by <br /> Dave Mitchell. <br /> 4. 'We revised the lot file report for the septic area. We have included a new set of all lot <br /> file reports. <br /> 5. We corrected the PW # on both sheets. <br /> Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions, 360-424-9566. <br /> END OF MEMO <br /> 2118 RIVERSIDE DRIVE,SUITE 208-MOUNT VERNON,WA 98273-5454-(360)424 9566 FAX(360)424 6222 <br />