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it <br /> U L' 3110 <br /> er, 7 - <br /> SEMRAU ENGINEERING &SURVEYING, P.L.L.C. <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: Steve Lange <br /> FROM: John B. Semrau, P.E. & P.L.S. S � <br /> SUBJECT: Jackson 2-Lot Short Plat <br /> PW 07-040-DEV <br /> CC: <br /> DATE: July 24, 2008 <br /> Following is our response to your review dated May 23, 2008. Map revisions have been made <br /> as you noted or we discussed over the phone. <br /> A4. Names and addresses of subdivider(s) and surveyor(s) on each sheet; <br /> Provided on both sheets. <br /> A10. Location, dimensions and description of purpose of all private ways, open spaces <br /> or other areas reserved for the benefit of the land included within the proposed plat; <br /> Driveway is private so it is just for Lot 1 and Lot 2 as implied and no other provisions are <br /> proposed. Utilities have easement over same area. Private way is within plat and can be <br /> created just through signed dedication of plat. Septic easement is for Lot 1. <br /> All. Location shown by broken lines, dimensions and description of purpose of all <br /> easements over the land included within the proposed plat; <br /> Easements are better described. <br /> A15. A reference to any restrictions or covenants to be recorded with the final plat and <br /> included in the deeds to the lots; <br /> I have been provided with a copy of preliminary covenants by proponent. The are not in a <br /> recordable format and I do not think they really need to be recorded with plat. City does not <br /> enforce them anyway. I have added notes for the septic and driveway to plat notes numbers 19 <br /> and 20. <br /> A21. A lot numbering system and a house address system as provided by the city <br /> building department. <br /> Noted on plat. <br /> B6. The private restrictions and covenants to be included in the deeds to the lots, <br /> referenced on the final plat and recorded with the final plat; <br /> See A15 above. <br /> 2118 RIVERSIDE DRIVE,SUITE 208-MOUNT VERNON,WA 98273-5454-(360)424 9566 FAX(360)424 6222 <br />