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Meeting Minutes <br /> Detailed, Grouped by Topic for each Meeting <br /> Island Hospital Renovation &Expansion Project# 30006 Lydig Construction, Inc. <br /> 1211 24th St Tel: 206-854-1063 Fax: 425-881-2903 <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Owner/Architect/Contractor Meeting 43 <br /> Date Start End Next Meeting Next Time Prepared By Company <br /> 3/28/2007 10:00 AM 11:30 AM 4/4/2007 10:00 AM Maria Croucher Lydig Construction, Inc. <br /> Purpose Location Next Location General Notes <br /> Owner/Architect/Contractor Lydig Job Trailer Lydig Job Trailer <br /> Coordination 1020 26th Street 1020 26th Street <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Attended By Non-Attendees <br /> Lydig Construction, Inc. -Bob Heggenes NBBJ Architects-Carl Tully <br /> Lydig Construction, Inc. -Jill Blegen Island Hospital-Denise Richter <br /> Island Hospital- Marc Estvold City of Anacortes-Steven Lange <br /> Island Hospital-Tom Betz Leonard, Boudinot&Skodje Inc.-Bob Boudinot <br /> Lydig Construction, Inc. -Jim Ciecko NBBJ Architects-Taylor Simpson <br /> Island Hospital-Jim Brown City of Anacortes-Dave Walde <br /> Lydig Construction, Inc. -Maria Croucher Island Hospital-Rod Dalseg <br /> Lydig Construction, Inc. -John Paul PCSA Structural Solutions-Dan Dowden <br /> NBBJ Architects-Sherine Tully <br /> Item Meeting Item Description Resp Status Due Date Compl'd Cls'd <br /> Chanae Order Status <br /> Old Business <br /> Sanitary Sewer Under Lobby <br /> 009-0 Reference 5/17/06-9/13/06 minutes for past No <br /> 07 discussions. <br /> 8/30/2006: No decision is made at this time for <br /> replacement of storm sewer under lobby area. Action <br /> remains open to carry over for further discussion at next <br /> meeting. If the opportunity arises, Lydig will camera the <br /> line. <br /> 9/6/2006: There are no changes at this time. Matter is <br /> still pending and remains open for further discussions. <br /> 9/13/06: There is no definite decision at this time,and <br /> issue remains open for further action. <br /> 10/25/06: No decision has been made yet as to the <br /> replacement of the storm sewer under the lobby area. A <br /> decision will be held until such time as work begins in <br /> that particular area. <br /> OB Revisions <br /> Prolog Manager Printed on: 3/29/2007 Lydig_Projects Page 1 <br />