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. , • <br /> 7. Open all recreational programs to entry and use by all persons <br /> regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap <br /> or residence of users who are otherwise eligible. <br /> 8. In the administering of recreational programs, keep the property and <br /> facilities reasonably safe for public use. The City shall notify the Port <br /> immediately of any situation that poses a threat to public or facility <br /> safety. <br /> 9. Operate the programs in accordance with all applicable federal, state, <br /> and local laws and regulations. <br /> 10. Take reasonable steps to prevent trespass onto other adjacent Port <br /> owned property. <br /> 11. Insure all program participants have signed a Hold Harmless <br /> agreement, as shown in Exhibit "C", with the City indemnifying and <br /> holding harmless the Port from any and all claims, demands or suits at <br /> law or equity of any nature. <br /> 12.Pay to the Port on or before each January 15, April 15, July 15 and <br /> October 15 during the term of this agreement 25% of the gross <br /> revenues from all programs administered at the South Harbor Park <br /> during the previous calendar quarter. <br /> ) <br /> 13. Maintain all books, records, documents, receipts, invoices and all other <br /> electronic or written records necessary to sufficiently and properly <br /> reflect the City's administration of the South Harbor Park recreation <br /> education program. These records shall be made available to the Port <br /> for audit purposes during regularly scheduled business hours. <br /> 14. Be responsible for all costs of operating and administering the <br /> programs, including without limitation all costs necessary for acquiring <br /> or purchasing all supplies or equipment necessary for operating or <br /> administrating the program. <br /> 15. Be responsible for submitting program dates for use of the park facility <br /> to the Port in order for scheduling of same to be approved by the Port. <br /> 16. Abide by the Port of Anacortes Rules and Regulations for South <br /> Harbor Park. <br /> Interlocal Agreement <br /> Interlocal.doc <br /> Page 3 of 5 <br />