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A ,t <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES - PORT OF ANACORTES. <br /> SOUTH HARBOR PARK <br /> The City of Anacortes, a first-class municipal corporation of the State of Washington <br /> (hereinafter the"City") and the Port of Anacortes, a municipal corporation of the State of <br /> Washington (hereinafter the"Port"). In consideration of mutual covenants herein, agree to <br /> enter into the following interlocal agreement. <br /> • Whereas, pursuant to RCW 39.34 the City and Port are authorized to execute interlocal <br /> agreements for the purpose of providing services and facilities; and <br /> Whereas, the City has a Parks & Recreation Department which manages and administers <br /> recreation programs and is willing to operate a marine oriented recreational and education <br /> program at South Harbor Park; and <br /> Whereas, the Port desires to enter into an agreement with the City to operate and <br /> administer recreational educational water oriented programs at the South Harbor Park for <br /> the use and benefit of the general public; <br /> Now, therefore, in consideration of the covenants and agreements hereinafter contained, <br /> the Port and the City agree as follows: <br /> I. Description of property <br /> The property subject to the agreement is known as South Harbor Park and <br /> is legally described in Exhibit "A" and depicted in Exhibit "B". <br /> II. Term of Agreement <br /> This agreement shall be effective upon the appropriate approval and signing of <br /> this Interlocal Agreement by both parties and the filing of this Interlocal <br /> Agreement with the Skagit County Auditor and the Washington Secretary of <br /> State, and shall terminate December 31, 1998. <br /> III. Annual Review <br /> This agreement shall be reviewed jointly by both parties in September of each <br /> year. Amendments to the Interlocal Agreement shall be mutually agreed between <br /> the parties prior to January 1 of each year of this agreement. <br /> 1 Interlocal Agreement <br /> Interlocal.doc <br /> Page I of 5 <br />