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Western Geotechnical Consultants, Inc. <br /> 4183 Saltsprings Dr.,Ferndale,WA 98248 <br /> January 25, 2005 Phone/FAX(360)380-2507 <br /> Mr. Buzz Ely <br /> 2399 Skyline Way#202 <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Re: Geotechnical Site Reconnaissance Study <br /> Corner Lot at Oaks Avenue and Georgia St. <br /> Tax Parcel#P119375 <br /> Anacortes,WA <br /> Western Geotechnical Consultants, Inc. is pleased to present the results of our <br /> geotechnical site reconnaissance and review of existing information for the above <br /> referenced property. On January 13 and 21, 2005 the undersigned traveled to the site to <br /> inspect site conditions and to obtain information regarding the history of the site. On site <br /> and through a review of existing information about the site we provide the following <br /> information and observations. <br /> • The property is located on the south side of Oaks Ave. in Anacortes WA. The <br /> property is an undeveloped site that contains a relatively steep slope on the south <br /> side, with a flat area to the north adjacent to Oaks Avenue that is a topographic <br /> low area estimated at 10 to 12 feet below the road surface. The low area is <br /> approximately 60-feet wide(east west direction)by approximately 80-feet long <br /> (north south direction). The slope to the south is around 50-feet high with a slope <br /> angle of 50% or more. <br /> • The undersigned had previously visited and inspected the property in the early <br /> 1990's and at that time the area would pond water during storm events. <br /> • A test pit excavated in the low area combined with information contained in our <br /> files regarding the property on the north side of Oaks Avenue(Laverik Seacraft) <br /> and our review of the subject site at that time indicates that the site soils consist of <br /> a silty GRAVEL that is underlain by a very compact silty clay to clayey silt <br /> (ML/CL by Unified Soils Classification System (USCS)). <br /> • We had telephone conversations with representatives of the City of Anacortes and <br /> they indicated that there was an old culvert extending from the low area of the <br /> property that went under Oaks Avenue to drain the property. We understand that <br /> the culvert was beginning to fail in the early 1990,s and it finally completely <br /> failed about 4 years ago. The Washington State Highway Department replaced <br /> the culvert at that time with an 18-inch culvert, which they protected with a <br /> quarry spall outside liner. Note that we observed the 18-inch culvert and the <br /> culvert appears to be in good condition but it is becoming overgrown with <br /> vegetation. We talked to the maintenance Department at the City of Anacortes <br /> and they intend to clear away any brush and debris that is accumulating around <br /> the culvert this spring. <br />