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Y 0 <br /> ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> • Fred Buckenmeyer, Assistant City Engineer <br /> P.O.BOX 547,ANACORTES,WA 98221 PH(360)299-1983 <br /> w FAX(360)293-1938 <br /> Memo <br /> Date: December 1, 2005 <br /> To: Bob Hyde <br /> From: Fred Buckenmeyer,Asst City Engineer <br /> Subject: Proposed residential development, SE corner Georgia Ave/ Oakes Ave <br /> cc: Don Measamer <br /> On November 29, 2005 a proposal was discussed at the Development Review Group <br /> regarding a proposed residential building development, by David Jolly, on a parcel <br /> located on Oakes Avenue at the intersection of Georgia Ave. The parcel is situated in a <br /> depression and is lower than the roadway surface approximatelyl0 feet. <br /> There have been at least 2 occurrences in the past where this parcel was subject to <br /> extreme flooding. In both instances the flooding was extensive enough to damage <br /> Oakes Avenue. It is my understanding that the storm water runoff originated from <br /> Cranberry Lake. <br /> It is my recommendation that no development be permitted for this site until adequate <br /> mitigation can be presented for this issue. <br />