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�..�-V- c .a22•►xN) <br /> GssY 044 ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> Eric Shjarback,Asst. City Engineer Cell:360.661.0716 <br /> 9- '0 P.O.BOX 547,ANACORTES,WA 98221 Desk:360.299.1980 <br /> I. FAX(360)293-1938 <br /> Date:June 20,2008 <br /> To:Corey Joyce, Northwest Services LLC <br /> From: Eric Shjarback,Asst.City Engineer, City of Anacortes Public Works Dept. <br /> Subject:Correction Notice—4107 Oakes Avenue, PVV#06-022-DEV <br /> cc: Steven Lange, Don Measamer, Jim Baldwin <br /> Mr. Joyce, <br /> This letter is in response to your e-mail dated June 16, 2008. <br /> As I'm sure you know the City tries to work with each property owner with their unique <br /> situations as fairly as possible; however, we did not approve the existing entrance for <br /> long term use and therefore must say no to your request to keep the existing entrance in <br /> place until the project is completed. The existing entrance was always meant to be a <br /> very temporary entrance. The City made an allowance so that you could access and <br /> clean the lot and install TESC measures for the winter rainy season. The entrance <br /> needs to be located off of Georgia Avenue (or the alley) and per City Standards needs to <br /> be 50 feet, on a tangent, off of the corner of Oakes Avenue. If there is access to a side <br /> street or road then that must be the first alternative prior to using a State Highway as an <br /> access point. <br /> A site inspection was performed on your property on June 16, 2008. Below are the items <br /> that need immediate attention: <br /> 1. Existing construction entrance shall be eliminated. <br /> 2. The shoulder of Oakes Ave, between your property and Florida Avenue, needs to <br /> be restored (cleaned up and planted with grass). <br /> 3. Any new construction entrance will need to be located as per City Driveway <br /> Standards page STR-13. <br /> 4. Debris pile located near existing entrance shall be removed. <br /> 5. An ecology block on Georgia shall be taken off of City right-of-way. <br /> We expect that these items will be completed by July 3rd, 2008. If you have any <br /> questions regarding this correction memo or need an inspection, please contact Jim <br /> Baldwin at 360.299.1972. For your information, inspections need a minimum of 24-hours <br /> notice for proper scheduling. <br /> Eric Shjarba , ' taut City Engineer <br />