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ANACORTES PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> City Fred Buckenmeyer, Assistant <br /> Y Engineer <br /> '_ <a P.O.BOX 547,ANACORTES,WA 98221 PH(360)299-1983 <br /> 4,„7c* r ` P.O. <br /> FAX(360)293-1938 <br /> '1000- <br /> Date: February 14,2006 <br /> To: John Johnston,Schemmer Engineering <br /> From: Fred Buckenmeyer,Asst.City Engineer <br /> Don Measamer,Asst Director Planning and Community Development <br /> Subj: Development Review Group[DRG]comments <br /> 3107 Oakes Avenue,Short Plat,Fill Grade,Height variance <br /> Dear Mr.Johnston <br /> We appreciated meeting with you on 12-20-05 and subsequent occasions to discuss the above <br /> referenced application. What began in mid November 05 as a building height variance has since <br /> expanded. As you are aware this site,located in the NE quadrant of Georgia and Oakes Avenue,is <br /> in a depression and has experienced flooding on at least 2 occasions in the past.The flooding on <br /> both occasions was severe enough to disrupt traffic on Oakes Avenue for prolonged periods of <br /> time.Based on those present at the time it appears the runoff came from the Cranberry Lake area. <br /> From the DRG and associated site visits came the following points: <br /> ❑ Your proposal includes filling the depression to accommodate 2 building sites,which <br /> would be accessed from the unopened alley way bordering the south line of the parcel. <br /> ❑ The site is bordered on the south by relatively steep banks approximately 30 feet high. <br /> ❑ To avert future storm drainage runoff from entering the site you have recommended <br /> constructing street improvements in the form of curb gutter,sidewalk and storm drainage <br /> along the frontages of Oakes,Georgia and W 2nd. <br /> ❑ You have submitted a critical area report in January of 2006.The report did not identify the <br /> presence of wetlands. <br /> Staff has the following recommended conditions: <br /> I. It is imperative that the WSDOT culvert,crossing Oakes be maintained,your <br /> proposal must include measures to maintain this conveyance system. <br /> 2. The depression extends to the south of the site considered in this application.As a <br /> result the fill material associated with this development cannot extend south of the <br /> alley way without the consent of the adjoining owner[s]. <br /> 3. A slope stability and hydro-geology report must be submitted by a geo-technical <br /> engineer addressing the drainage/slope concerns.The report must specifically <br /> address the effects of a catastrophic failure of the Cranberry Lake system.Based on <br /> this report staff will evaluate the merits of the suggested street improvements <br /> related to drainage. <br /> 4. Issues related to emergency services access and other municipal services will be <br /> addressed during civil plan review. <br /> Please contact us at your earliest convenience, if you have any questions. <br />