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Stormwater Management Requirements: <br /> o Refer to the 2012\14 Department of Ecology Manual, as amended in 2014 for further required <br /> information. <br /> o See also, City of Anacortes Municipal Code 19.76 for additional information <br /> o See also, current Engineering Development Standards, Chapter 2- Storm Drainage for additional <br /> information. <br /> Project Description and Summary: <br /> Summary Table <br /> Existing Proposed <br /> Development Type Existing single family home site Gravel Road <br /> Number of Lots 1 <br /> Lot Acreage in SF 287,060 SF 6.59 acres <br /> Soil Type(s) Bellingham Silt Loam HG C/D <br /> Site Sediment Transport Score (High\Low) High 170 <br /> Depth to Ground Water Table (Feet and Inches) N/A <br /> (See completed Soils Analysis (Volume 1, Chapter 3.1.1) <br /> Infiltration Rate during Rainy Season (Inch\Per Hour) N/A <br /> Impervious Surface (on-site) 8 056 sf 6,449 sf <br /> Impervious Surface (off-site) <br /> New and Replaced Hard Surface Total (SF) 9,000 SF 6,449 sf <br /> Lot Coverage (Percentage) 0 15% <br /> BMP (Required Minimum Requirement 5) BMP T5.13 Post Construction Soils <br /> Water Quality Method (Minimum Requirement 6) None Despersion <br /> Water Quantity Method (Minimum Requirement 7) N/A Despersion <br /> Existing Site Conditions Summary:. <br /> (Additionally, provide information on previous permits, if any, like Grade and Fill, Clear and Grade, topography, <br /> vegetation, drainage, Critical Areas adjacent to the site and how it may affect this project if soils are disturbed, <br /> Soils Type (Included in Soils Analysis Report), Erosion Problem Areas, Construction PhasinglSequence) <br /> The existing site is primarily a 6 acre pasture with a single family home on the south uphill side of the <br /> site. The house has access to 0 Avenue just west of the house. The pasture area slopes to the <br /> northeast at a slope of 3.5%. <br /> There are no critical areas on the site. <br /> No erosion problems exist until the vegetation is removed. <br /> Developed Conditions Summary: <br /> (Additionally, to be shown on the site plan. Identify cut and fill areas, proposed slopes of all hard <br /> surfaces, proposed contours) <br /> This report is being completed after the installation of a gravel driveway that extends from the house to <br /> the South end of Commercial Avenue on the north side of the pasture area. The new gravel driveway <br /> covers an area of 6,449 square feet. It is approximately 14 feet wide and about 410 feet long. There is <br /> a gravel turnaround at the south end of Commercial Avenue that was installed by the city as a turn <br /> around for city vehicles. The cut area was approximately 200 cubic feet and gravel fill approximately <br /> 150 cubic feet. <br /> Contours did not change. Storm water from the road sheet into the adjacent grass pasture to the <br /> northeast. <br /> Version Date: October 7, 2019 Previous Version Date: February 20, 2019 <br />