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Lance Campbell | October 14, 2021 Page 3 <br /> <br />File No. 25575-001-00 <br />(USACE 2010) were used to identify potential wetland habitat. Vegetation was evaluated throughout the <br />assessment area and multiple soil pits were excavated to assess soils and hydrology. One formal sample <br />plot (Appendix C, Wetland Determination Datasheet) was established to document upland conditions. <br />No streams or wetlands were identified within the assessment area. Figure 2 depicts the assessment area, <br />sample plot location, and new gravel road. The assessment area consisted predominantly of a mowed field <br />characterized by mixed grasses with some creeping buttercup (Ranunculus repens). The fields slope gently <br />down to the northeast. A forested area within the southern portion of the assessment area was vegetated <br />with Indian plum (Oemleria cerasiformis), Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus), English holly (Ilex <br />aquifolium) with a red alder (Alnus rubra) overstory. Additional homes are located beyond the northern <br />boundary of the assessment area, bordered with landscaped hedge lines. <br />One sample plot was established within the northeast corner of the assessment area, within the area that <br />was mapped by Anacortes as potential wetland habitat. No wetland hydrology or soils were observed within <br />this area. Although there had been approximately 0.5-in of rainfall the previous evening (National Oceanic <br />and Atmospheric Administration 2021), no standing water was observed at the site and soils were dry. <br />SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS <br />GeoEngineers performed critical area assessment services at the residential property located at 4201 O <br />Avenue in in Anacortes, Washington. No wetlands or streams were observed within the assessment area <br />at the project site. Based on observations within the assessment area, the new gravel driveway is not <br />located within a wetland, wetland buffer or stream buffer. <br />LIMITATIONS <br />GeoEngineers has prepared this Critical Areas Assessment letter report in general accordance with the <br />scope and limitations of our proposal. Within the limitations of scope, schedule and budget, our services <br />have been executed in accordance with the generally accepted practices for wetland delineation and fish <br />and wildlife habitat conservation area assessment in this area at the time this report was prepared. No <br />warranty or other conditions, express or implied, should be understood. <br />This report has been prepared for the exclusive use of Lance Campbell, authorized agents and regulatory <br />agencies following the described methods and information available at the time of the work. No other party <br />may rely on the product of our services unless we agree in advance to such reliance in writing. The <br />information contained herein should not be applied for any purpose or project except the one originally <br />contemplated. <br />The applicant is advised to contact all appropriate regulatory agencies (local, state and federal) prior to <br />design or construction of any development to obtain necessary permits and approvals. <br />REFERENCES <br />City of Anacortes. Anacortes Municipal Code (AMC). Available at: <br />AMC/19.70 <br />Environmental Laboratory, 1987. Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual. Technical Report <br />Y-87-1, U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, Mississippi.