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Resubmittal due no later than* <br /> If resubmittal or request for extension is not received by this date,Void the application and manually return any unspent <br /> fees to the applicant. <br /> 3/1/2022 <br /> Incomplete application explanation* <br /> Enter the exact text you would like to include in the email advising the applicant what changes or additional information <br /> are required to deem the application complete. <br /> 1.The provided site plan is difficult to read and does not include the requirements listed in the Form CG-4, <br /> Clearing&Grading Plan Requirements portion of the Clearing&Grading Permit Application. <br /> Please provide a new site plan addressing the requirements. <br /> 2.As indicated on the provided Form CG-3, Stormwater Management Minimum Requirements Determination, <br /> the project results in Minimum Requirements#1-5 for stormwater. <br /> Please complete the stormwater form found here: <br /> <br /> requirements-1-to-9-11-29-21 ;and provide the required submittal materials/plans as indicated. <br /> Incomplete application letter <br /> If needed, upload a separate letter addressing the incomplete nature of the application.The uploaded attachment will be <br /> attached to the email to the applicant. <br /> Application Materials* <br /> Upload revised application if one is submitted and/or up to nine additional attachments. <br /> Application.pdf 4.72MB <br /> O Avenue Critical Areas Assessment Report.pdf 5.78MB <br /> Drainage Report.pdf 13.32MB <br /> Revised Site Plan-2.28.2022.pdf 896.57KB <br /> See-Revised Site Plan.pdf 1.17MB <br /> Note:The permanent record will reflect the file names as uploaded. <br /> Extension Request <br /> Resubmittal deadline extension requested by <br /> applicant on: <br />