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in <br /> E o <br /> A c <br /> x <br /> 2- a <br /> w <br /> v <br /> i m <br /> vI <br /> x <br /> o' <br /> Up a <br /> CL OF ROAD Ic <br /> EXIST.FIRE HYDRANT#414 40.0'RIGHT-OF-WAY o <br /> EXIST.8'DI TEE a PLLI r-",...I <br /> C 3 <br /> 0 <br /> I TWO LANES OF TRAFFIC MUST BE 11'TO FACE OF CURB NEW 5'SIDEWALK S <br /> . MAINTAINED ON OAKES AVE. IF <br /> OFWSDOT CONCRETE CURB 6 <br /> TOP .. REBAR TOP . REBAR GUTTER PAN STND PLAN I'MINIMUM TO g a <br /> ig <br /> (ELEV:87,73' ELEV.75,66' w > EQUIPMENT IS TO EXTEND BEYOND FOG <br /> PL 100' RIo rn F-1Q16-OD WALL FACE ws <br /> LEGEND LINE A TRAFFIC CONTROL PLAN MUST VARIES 4'�qD OJDGRMIE� I <br /> EXIST. Ply EXISTING ROAD 2% <br /> FENCE -X-X-X- GARAGE BE APPROVED BY THE CITY AND SAW CUT ASPHALT�� q c <br /> GAS W " • <br /> = m WSDOT, SIGNAGE IS REQUIRED WHEN l I co <br /> SEVER SS r�.,INNER t EXISTING 79 t ~I EVER WORK IS TO BE PERFORMED 3"MIN.COMPACTED ASPHALT CONCRETE CLASS B B E ti <br /> STOW ASPHALT RAMP AT EACH ALONG SHOULDER, 3'CRUSHED SURFACING TOP COURSE Or) C12 <br /> SEVER SO EXIST G 6'SD OUT END OF SIDEWALK (SEC 9-03.9(3))95%MAX.DENSITY r [T� <br /> WATER BACK IF EX.MH EX.CB I 8'BORROW V <br /> eiD <br /> pVV sscoI I AIR w EX.SSMH RIM ELEV.=86.73' EX.SDMH i862 TYPED RIM ELEV.=67.30'EI (SEC.9-03.14(1))95%MAX.DENSITY a O CO <br /> v <br /> Sate o INV.ELEV.7928' RIM ELEV.6623' o. I INV.E EV-E <br /> TV I S INV.8'WEST ELEV.60.68' ' I/ �•^ CRATED LID ROAD SECTION A—A G E O R G A AVENUE q a <br /> > NV. 2'SOUTHEAST L V.=60.48' LID A� �j dCNI <br /> FROMADJUST TO GRADE SCALE: NONE W F. CO <br /> rn <br /> vav ee OUTSIDE T DROPO /NOR SOUTHEAST ELEV..4 /� I•' END CURD,GUTTER 6 SIDEWALK C�.7 <br /> VNET ■ INV.18'IN/OUT SOUTH/NORTH ELEV.462' <br /> PL 10y , AT TANGENT POINT OF CURVE <br /> - - <br /> - EX.12C AMIDESCONC S➢ „f ,Y ,ol m __ Lei A a uj <br /> CB TYP m EXIST.GRAVEL 6'SIDEWALK EXIST.ROCK 7 is,2'CPEP SD SLOE.020 <br /> WITH VANED GRATE ALLEY ROAD RAID➢OWN p0 WALL '�' I's7 <br /> RIM ELEV.=8L44' DRIVEWAY CUT ' LOW PT. ��/� w:TYPE 1 <br /> 18'CONC SD OUTLET DIV.ELEV.78.44, CONC.DRIVE TYP EACH l 29' �♦ V/BI-DIRECTIONAL VANED GRATE "� <br /> TRAVEL .a4. AT LOW POINT OF CURB 6 GUTTER QUANITES O U <br /> 120 LF I CPEP SD ` ACCESS `� j RIM ELEV.=66.30' NEV PAVEMENT AS SHOWN=633 SO FT ' cq-AN <br /> I — 5'DEW - I <br /> INV.ELEV:63.30' A .App. i NEV SIDEWALK AREA AS SHOWN=774 SO FT <br /> [; •, • VERIFY LOCATION AND DEPTH OF LINEAL FEET OF CURB 6 GUTTER=160 FEET <br /> ■ �� GAS PAN AND WATER MAIN AND LINEAL FEET OF 12'CPEP SD=171 LF <br /> EDGE OF EX. ADJUST STORM ACCORDINGLY � I <br /> REV 12'SD R#.ET I—�r DRIVEN �T 3 TYPE I CATCH BASINS <br /> DNS ELEV.124'AT VSOOT CDICRETE DRIVEWAY I': I P CEP�.S.VO% SIM TYPED V/WAXED CRATE CENTERLINE I snow(RAID �D <br /> 22' EXIST.DITCH IRE ENTRANCE TYPE 1 1®RED SLOPE•.1244 0.6" <br /> CLEAN AND QUARRY AS SHOWN s. S-AR-OAAD SECTION DIV.ELEVa65EY ��=p6g DOT PLAN F-40.12-00 D <br /> SPALL DITCH LINE PS EDGE OF E%�ASPHALT /167,65'I <br /> SO ZI <br /> EX.SDMH 4885 TYPED c ss (`••/1 <br /> RIM ELEV.80.00' EX.SSMH U-224 G E U R G I A AVENUE <br /> INV.ELEV.74A0' RIM ELEV.79.73' <br /> - INV.ELEV.75.13' . W <br /> S <br /> I <br /> CV <br /> CV <br /> EMI EXISTING GROUND ELEVATIONS ; c in C <br /> % <br /> I -et� ci <br /> ay <br /> >IJ;C Q.) y c c 0 <br /> 17 ,��'s m <br /> GRAPHIC SCALE SITE PLAN <br /> 20 0 10 20 40 80 <br /> _ STORM DRAIN NOTES: •tip <br /> •,I <br /> (IN FEET) -� 1. All corrugated polyethylene pipes(CPEP)shall be smooth interior and manufactured from high-density polyethylene resin,which ." <br /> 1 inch= 20 ft. shall meet or exceed the requirements of type 111,Category 4 or 5, Grade P33 or P34,Class C per ASTM D1248. In addition, O ,Cy <br /> the pipe shall comply with all material and stiffness requirements of AASHTO M294,TYPE S. 1998 S.S.9-05.20. Polyvinyl Chloride <br /> pipe(PVC)shall conform to the requirements of ASTM D 3034,SDR 35 for pipe up to 15-inch diameter.Use sand impregnated <br /> collars at all manholes on PVC pipe. Boots are acceptable at manholes(industry standard). Proper alignment needed. <br /> 2. All concrete storm pipe shall be Plain Concrete Storm Sewer pipe conforming to the requirements of AASHTO M 86,Class 2 and <br /> conform to the WSDOT specifications section 9-05.7. <br /> 3. Footing drains, roof down spouts and curtain drains are to be connected to the storm drainage system or swales as shown on <br /> the construction plans. Drainpipe and fittings may be PVC D3034 SDI 35 or equivalent per the requirements of AASHTO M252 for 3 <br /> through 10 diameter. All fittings shall be of like material as pipe furnished by the pipe supplier.All pipes shall be suitable for use as <br /> a gravity storm drain conduit. The end of all roof and footing drain stub outs shall be marked Storm Drain on a PVC pipe. The <br /> marker shall extend a minimum of 36 inches above the ground. The portion above ground shall be labeled with block letters.See <br /> City Standard Detail. <br /> 4. Catch basins shall conform to Type 1,Type IL or Type 11 as defined in said A.P.W.A.Standard Specifications and Standard r-1 <br /> EROSION CONTROL NOTES Plans with flat top frame and vaned grates. <br /> A.A Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Supervisor Is required.The ESC Supervisor must have attended and Erosion 5. The cast iron frame may be placed flange down on adjustment blocks in lieu of precast collar. The installation of catch basins - <br /> shall include final adjustment as may be required to finish grade. Installation within the paved roadway shall be per City of Anacortes <br /> and Sediment Control class within 3-years from today's date.Must provide certification card. t) <br /> B.The Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Supervisor wilt oversee and be responsible for all erosion control.The Type I C.B. with 18 barrier curb detail unless specified as a thru-curb inlet. C..) <br /> facilities shalt be Inspected daily and maintained to ensure proper functioning.Written records shall be kept of weekly ROW PAVING- AND GRADING NOTES: 6. Cast iron frame for type I Catch Basin shall accommodate a 20-inch x 24-inch grate. All catch basin grates shall be vaned grate. ,,, <br /> reviews and after every significant storm event of the ESC facilities during the wet season(October 1 to April 30), Vv <br /> Monthly reviews during the dry season(May 1 to September 30).Written records shall be turned into the Project 1. The contractor shall grade the ROW to provide subgrade for road suitable to serve the r-1 <br /> Manager or Inspector on a weekly basis at the weekly scheduled project meetings. final grades and typical section established in the plans in accordance with A.P.W.A. 7. Down meow er ands systems waith easements will remain private with all operations and maintenance being the responsibility of <br /> C.Shall be In place per the approved set of plans prior to any construction start. Standard Specifications, Division 2. the homeowner and recorded with plat. <br /> D.The erosion control shall be inspected once a day and modified to meet the surrounding conditions as needed. 2. See City of Anacortes Geotech testing requirements for infrastructure improvements. PROJECT # 06— —D E V - <br /> E.Provide a sign displaying a 24-hour contact number and name of the ESC Supervisor.The letter size shall be a minimum .,..t <br /> of 2'letters.This shall be in place prior to construction start.Remember,the look of the sign will be a reflection of ASPHALT CONSTRUCTION,See Section 5-05 and Section 9 of the 2004 Plans and Specification for Road,Bridge and Municipal Construction, CL) Vv <br /> the Contractor and Developer and Development. A.All asphalt to be removed must be saw cut.A jackhammer can be used if a nice even cut is made. Wheel cutting is not an This plan sheet is approved for construction in accordance with the -r.-._ <br /> F.The storm drain system and existing ditches shall be cleaned daily(Section 7-07.3).All drainage systems shall be approved method unless approved by the City of Anacortes Engineer In advance.Any deviation from this specification shall be In writing City of Anacortes ordinances and policies. Actual conformance of the •vI <br /> cleaned to the acceptance of the City of Anacortes prior to acceptance of the project, 48-hours before saw cutting takes place. design with applicable loos is the sole responsibility of the <br /> G.Install the catch basin inserts for erosion control. B.Additional asphalt may be required for removal by the City of Anacortes Engineer or Inspector. professional engineer,whose name and stamp appear on this sheet. <br /> H.Install Silt fencing per the City of Anacortes Standard Details In areas shown on plans. C.All vertical drop-offs within the traveled way will be backfiller'Rota H1f91'Density(Section 5-04.3(10)13). Acquiring,complying with,and providing mitigation for all Federal, <br /> I.Stabilized construction entrances and roads shall be installed at the beginning of construction and maintained during D.Abutting edges and curbs must be thoroughly cleaned HER State,County,and Local Laws,permitsm,and mandates,including by SHEET NO. <br /> E.All asphalt edging will be tackedprior to asphalting, �' not limited to the Endangered Species Act,Federal Wetland Permit, <br /> the duration of the project.Additional measures may be required such as wash pads to ensure that oil paved areas areP 9 9 P 9 ar w v. <br /> kept clean.No mud Is allowed to enter onto Citystreets,See the Cityof Anacortes'Construction Entrance'detail, F.All asphalt patches must be a smooth transition.No bumps or high/low spots(Section 5-04,3(l3)X Surface smoothness maximum rE State Peee ,DepartmentalPoollutant <br /> Fisheries Hydraul <br /> ics Permit,ti el Flood Plain <br /> Pthe responsibility <br /> National odlhe D veloper, ado n er, System Permits is. 1 <br /> J.Any soils exposed that will not be disturbed for two(2)days during the wet season or seven(7)days In the dry variation In 10-feet parallel to the centerline Is 1/B'and transverse 1/4', M the responaihil'dy of the Developer,Landowner,and their Engineer. 1 <br /> season shall be Immediately stabilized with the approved ESC methods(seeding,mulching,plastic covering,etc.) G.Sub grade will be compacted and tested prior to asphalting. y I The issuance of this permit shall not be construed as proof of <br /> K,Two(2)weeks prior to the beginning of the wet season(October 1),all disturbed areas shall be reviewed to Identify H.A minimum of 3-inch class'B'asphalt patch to be compacted to 92 compliance with applicable laws and permit requirements. REV.:- <br /> which ones can be seeded in preparation for the winter rains.Disturbed areas shall be seeded within one(D week of the Alley's are to be paved to a minimum of 2'class'B'asphalt compacted to 92%max rice density, 27807 JOB NO:286E <br /> be Innis of the wet season.A sketch mapof those areas to be seeded and those areas to remain uncovered shall bea,srtaEa? <br /> 9 9I.All final joints and saw cuts to be seated(Section 5-05.3(8)B)using a hot poured joint sealant(Section 9-04.2(1).A preferred '������J7777 d <br /> submitted to the Project Manager.The Project Manager can require seeding In additional areas In order to protect sealant is AR-4000, E CITY DATE DATE: May 4,2010 <br /> surface waters,adjacent properties or drainage facilities. J.In areas where asphalt has been removed and C➢F is in the trench curing,a steel plate is required for cover while it is curing. Co■struction for the approved project act is to start SCALE:1"=20' <br /> L.Penalties for an Erosion Control violation are subject to a E300 to$1000 fine under Chapter 17.66-Penalties for Provide asphalt around steel toprevent the from rattling.The Contractor will be called out at anytime to correct anyrattling <br /> p I <br /> Violation.Each dayIs considered a different violation. plateplate 9 One year of this date and completed 8-months <br /> thatprovides corn laints, DRAWN: D.HERRIGSTAD <br /> M.If sediment Is transported onto a road surface,the roads shall be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day. P from start of construction. <br /> Sediment shall be removed from roads byshovelingor sweeping and be transported to a controlled sediment disposal K,On Commercial Avenue where local businesses are affected,no asphalting will happen In the lane of travel,Work will proceed before CHECK: D.HERHIGSTAD <br /> P 9 PP or after business hours. B area. Street washing shall be allowed only after sediment Is removed In this manner. L.On major streets where traffic congestion is a problem,the patch will be protected with a 1/4 inch steel plate until sufficiently REV, MAY 4, 2010 010 'I <br /> N.Temporary BMP measures may be removed from the site when the site soils are stabilized with sod or substantial grass cooled. SHEET' 1 OF 2 <br />