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BONDS ay se RECEIVED <br /> SAP Surety Claims <br /> 1213 Valley Street <br /> P.O.Box 9271 <br /> Seattle,WA 98109-0271 <br /> (206)628-6823 <br /> `� (206)583-0307 FAX <br /> INSURANCE <br /> ENGINEERING <br /> September 23, 2009 <br /> Steven R. Lange <br /> Anacortes Public Works Department <br /> P.O. Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Re: Bond No.: LC5425 <br /> Principal: Westward Construction, LLC <br /> Obligee: City of Anacortes Public Works Department <br /> Contract: Installation of Sidewalks at 1208 Georgia Avenue/Oaks Avenue, <br /> PW06-035-DEV <br /> File No.: Col R790b00 <br /> Dear Mr. Lange: <br /> We have received your correspondence dated September 14, 2009. CBIC is in the <br /> process of reviewing the information you supplied and contacting the principal with regard to <br /> this matter. We will be in touch with you with a formal response or with requests for additional <br /> information once we have had an opportunity to more fully develop the factual background. If <br /> you have any questions in the meantime,please contact me. <br /> This letter is written under a full reservation of rights and with the understanding that any <br /> actions CBIC has taken or may take do not constitute a waiver of any defenses available under <br /> the bond or applicable law. Thank you for your cooperation. <br /> Very trul <br /> cc: Eric Sirkin <br /> ® Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company ® <br />