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Anacortes, WA Code of Ordinances / Page 1 of 4 <br /> 7 a Z �f �y GAc.t_ i c•_s lA esk-TES <br /> Chapter 12.30 -ENCROACHMENT PERMITS * T° I► ��F ( <br /> A�t��• ce iE`\-+Goovrai <br /> Sections: <br /> A . <br /> 12.30.010 -Policy. <br /> It is the policy of the city to retain adequate rights-of-way and easements for future expansion of <br /> streets, alleys, and utility systems, and to encourage the limited use of public rights-of-way and <br /> easements by the adjoining property owners. <br /> (Ord. 2680 (part),2004) q® e/ 120 <br /> ,14 <br /> 12.30.020 -Permit required. if <br /> Before any person, firm, or corporation shall commence or permit any other person, firm, or <br /> corporation to corporation to place any barricade, material, earth, gravel,rock,debris or any other <br /> material or thing over,under, or upon any public right-of-way or easement in the city of Anacortes, an <br /> encroachment permit shall be obtained. A separate permit shall be obtained for each separate project. <br /> In the case of work contracted for by the department of public works,the signing of the contract shall <br /> constitute an encroachment agreement. <br /> (Ord. 2680 (part), 2004) <br /> 12.30.030 -Applications. <br /> Application shall be made to the director of planning on a format as prescribed and provided by the <br /> director. The application shall contain such information, as the director deems necessary, including, <br /> but not limited to, evidence that the applicant is either the owner or entitled to possession of the <br /> property adjoining the public right-of-way or place sought to be used, and a full and complete <br /> description of the use to be made of the public right-of-way or place by the applicant and the duration <br /> of such proposed use. The decision to issue or not issue an encroachment permit, as authorized under <br /> this chapter, shall be at the sole discretion of the city. This chapter shall in no way be construed as <br /> granting or creating a right in any applicant to obtain an encroachment permit. An application fee <br /> shall be paid at the time of filing of the application with the city. The fee shall be in such amount as <br /> established from time to time by the city council, by ordinance, or by resolution. <br /> (Ord. 2680 (part), 2004) <br /> 12.30.040 -Notifications. <br /> In the case of a proposed encroachment into an opened or unopened alley, the application shall be <br /> accompanied by a list of all property owners, with their mailing addresses, who own land within the <br /> same alley and city block. All other applications shall be accompanied by a list of all property owners, <br /> with their mailing addresses,who own land immediately adjacent to the boundaries of the property <br /> proposing the encroachment. Ac7\ r v 2 6 s '[Y E S''S'. <br /> The list of all such property owners shall be obtained from the latest available records of the Skagit <br /> County assessor's office. The city shall send notice to all persons on the list informing them of the <br /> about:blank 6/19/2017 <br />